A And P By John Updike
I think that in A&P the author describes how life was decades ago and
how it seems to me how life should be today, with out the arguments over petty
situations. I think that the story line of A&P is a typical situation in a
small town in which the story is situated. I think that this particular story is
based in a small vacationing town on the east coast where family’s come back
every year to spend there summer days in the sun playing on the beach or in the
ocean, where mothers can send there kids to the store barefoot and not have to
worry about strange people kidnapping them. Where customers have been coming for
years and are treated with the respect you would treat someone in your own
family. Sammy’s role in this story seems to be a strange one. He seems to be a
teenager yet somehow attracted physically to adolescent girls. He seemed to be
in a ways stalking the girls and making sexual notations towards them. Of course

I am sure that three girls walking into a grocery store in nothing but bathing
suits is not normal but considering the size and type of town I think that it is
acceptable. This strikes me in a bad way because first of all it’s not normal
to see little kids in anyway but little kids who like having a good time.

Secondly, why would you quit your job in front of little kids to try and impress
them or maybe make them feel better that someone was on there side because of
the incident that the check out line and Mr. Lengal. It seems so childish how
people make a big deal out of something that is so tiny that people often forget
what they are arguing about when it really comes down to it.