Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
"Tom Sawyer" is full of adventures. In this book there is an adventure
around every corner. Some of his adventures have leaded him into some bad
situations but with his good heart and bright mind he has gotten out of them.

Tom lives with his Aunt Polly, his cousin Mary and brother Sid. One of the first
things to happen in the book is the painting of the fence. Polly made Tom
whitewash the fence on a Saturday as punishment. Instead of him paying people to
work for him, he made people pay him to paint. Tom did this by telling people
that it isnít every day that you get a chance to paint a fence and he thought
it was fun. He had people begging him to paint by the time that he was finished
his story. He would have fooled every boy in town if he didnít run out of
paint. On June 17th about the hour of midnight, Tom had his best friend

Huckleberry Finn were out in the grave yard trying to get rid of warts, when
they witnessed a murder by Injun Joe. At the time Muff Potter was drunk and
asleep so Injun Joe blamed the murder on Muff Potter. They knew if crazy Injun

Joe found out they knew he would for sure kill them. Tom wrote on a wooden board

"Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer swear to keep mum about this and they wish they may
drop down dead in their tracks if they ever tell and rot", then signed their
initials on the board with their blood. A few days after the murder Tom, Huck,
and Joe decided to go and become pirates because no cared for them to be around.

They stole some food and supplies and then they stole a raft and paddled to an
island in the middle of the Mississippi River. They stayed and pirated for
several days, then they all became so home sick that they couldnít bear it
anymore and the next day they showed up for their own funerals and there was
much thanks and praise. The next big event in the town was the trial of Muff

Potter for the murder in the graveyard. The whole town believed Injun Joe, and
poor Muff was sent to a temporary jail cell for a week. At the end of the week
he was to be hung unless some one in court had proved him innocent. While Muff
was in jail temporarily he wasnít alone. Every day Tom and Huck would go and
talk to him through the jail cell bars and on occasion bring him food. On the
last day of court, to everyoneís surprise they called Tom Sawyer to the stand.

Then the man asked him where he was on the 17th of June Tom said "In the
graveyard". Then when he asked who he saw do it he said with all his strength
he said, "Muff didnít do it. It was Injun Joe!" and with that Injun Joe
jumped out the window and ran away. Tom and Huck decided that they wanted to
become rich so they went to go and find buried treasure. Tom and Huck dug under
trees all day and night but found nothing, then Tom said that they should go and
dig for treasure in a haunted house. They went to a haunted house two days
later. Both the boys were scared but they both went inside anyway. The boys
dared each other to go upstairs, so of course they went up and looked in closets
for treasure but found nothing. Suddenly the boys heard two men talking and then
they came inside. Both of the boys got down on the floor and then they heard the
voice again, it was Injun Joe. Injun Joe and the other man had a bag of money
and decided to bury it there. Tome and Huck could hardly contain themselves
because they would steal it as soon as Injun Joe left. Injun Joe was digging a
hole with his knife when he hit something; it was a box of money. Injun Joe
decided to take all of the treasure and hide it in number two under the cross.

When Injun Joe and the other man left Tom and Huck were furious because they
thought that all of the treasure was rightfully theirs. A few days later Becky
had her long awaited picnic, and they all went to McDougals cave. Tom showed

Becky around and while they were exploring