Of Huck Finn Critics
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain told the truth in great novels and memoirs
and short stories and essays, and he became a writer of international renown
still translated into 72 languages. He became, through the written and spoken
word, America\'s greatest ambassador and its most perpetually quoted. Samuel L.

Clemens was born in 1835 in a town called Florida, Mo., and before he became a
famous writer under the pen name Mark Twain, he worked on a riverboat, as a
prospector for gold, as a reporter, and at other enterprises( Twain 12). He was
not a young man of excellent reputation - a conclusion reached by Jervis

Langdon, an Elmira businessman who had been asked by young Sam for his daughter

Livy\'s hand. Still, the marriage occurred and, shortly thereafter, in 1871, the
couple moved to Hartford, renting a home in the Nook Farm neighborhood from John

Hooker. They soon began construction on an eccentric and expensive mansion,
where they lived for two decades. In the billiard room of this house many of the
greatest books of Mark Twain were finished, among them "Tom Sawyer,"
"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," "Roughing It," "Life
on the Mississippi," and "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur\'s

Court." During his two decades in Hartford, Mark Twain enjoyed the company
of many good friends in his close-knit neighborhood, like William Gillette and

Charles Dudley Warner, as well as frequent visitors from around the country,
such as General William Tecumseh Sherman, explorer Henry Stanley, and author

Bret Harte. He became a well-known public figure, often making news in the

Hartford Courant ( Compton\'s Encyclopedia ). Twain\'s years in Hartford were
perhaps among his happiest, for in addition to his literary successes it was
here that he, Livy, and their three daughters, Susy, Clara and Jean were all
together. Twain would eventually outlive everyone but Clara. Financial trouble
hit the Clemenses in the 1880s, particularly after Twain invested hundreds of
thousands of dollars in a mechanical typesetting device being developed by James

Paige. The typesetter was a failure, Twain\'s investment was lost, and in 1891

Twain and family left Hartford to live less expensively in Europe. Twain is
thought of today in many circles as a great humorist( Twain 25). This is, of
course, true. His wit is legendary. But his work is far too complex to
characterize only in that way. The writing is full of social commentary, and his
voice was controversial at the time of his writings and remains so today. Huck

Finn, in some circles, is a racist book because of its repeated use of the word
nigger by its characters and because of the portrayal of the slave Jim. But many
scholars, including those from an African-American heritage, argue that Twain
was accurate in his depiction of the times and a force for change and for
understanding the horrors of slavery. Aside from his writing, Twain was also a
publisher (he printed the memoirs of U.S. Grant), a much- acclaimed (and
well-paid) lecturer, and an entrepreneur. It was his investment in the Paige
typesetter that ultimately led to bankruptcy and forced him and Livy to close up
the Hartford house and take their three daughters to Europe. He died after Livy
and two of his daughters and is buried in Elmira, where he summered throughout
his life, in a grave that is marked "Samuel Langhorne Clemens -- Mark Twain
--1835-1910." While it is his talent for writing that made him famous, the
experiences of his earlier life play very important parts in his books. His
experiences as a steam boat pilot are used in many of his books, including Huck

Finn. Mark Twain is a term that he learned during his time as a river boat pilot
meaning "two fathoms deep". The renowned author\'s greatest book about
struggle and hopes and dreams is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Many would
say that Huck Finn is a very troubled young boy. . Huck\'s dad brought Huck up
the hard way with out a mother and instilled many of his beliefs into Huck. He
passed some of these bad habits onto Huck which leads to my thesis that, Huck
often finds himself in tight predicaments and being brought up the way he was,
taught that lying and stealing aren\'t wrong, proved very useful in getting him
out of many of these predicaments. Because Huck\'s father brought him up to be
such a great liar and a stealer Huck has been able to escape from many close
calls. So in order to escape from his fathers drunken grasps he must concoct
some plan