Agatha Christie

The Characters and short about their backgrounds: Mr Justice Wargrave - Had
worked as a Judge for many years and had a fine reputation all over the country.

He had killed several people by giving them the death sentence one of them is

Edward Seton. Seton was probably innocent. Vera Claythorne - Worked as a

Schoolmistress. Her crime was killing Cyril Ogilvie Hamilton, by not trying to
help him by while he was about to drown. She was his nanny. Philip Lombard -

Explorer, that has travelled all around the world. Was known as a man that you
can rely on in stressful situations. He killed 21 men of an East African tribe
by leaving them when mercenaries attacked their village. Miss Emily Brent - Was
an old cynical lady. Because of her a girl named Beatrice Taylor killed herself
by jumping from a bridge. She was working with Emily as a maid. And when she got
pregnant Emily froze her out. General Macarthur - An old General who sent a man
named Arthur Richmond to a certain death when he found out that he was having an
affair with his wife. Dr Armstrong - He owned a practice and was very popular in
the upper class of England. He accidentally killed Louisa Mary Clees. He
operated her while he was drunk and she died because of that. Tony Marston - A
man in his mid twenties, very handsome and popular around women. He drives very
carelessly and ran over John and Lucy Combes. They both died. Mr Blore - A
former inspector at Scotland yard. Because of him James Stephen Landor died. He
killed himself after being sent to prison innocent. Blore planted the evidence
against Landor. Mr and Mrs Rogers - They worked as servants. Were married. They
worked for Jennifer Brady. Jennifer was a sick old Lady and giving her, her
medicine, was a part of their job. One time they didn\'t give it to her and they
inherited a lot of money. One day in August, eight people got a mysterious
letter. Eight strangers, all carry a well-hidden secret. They are all invited to

Nigger Island, an island that was very famous for people who like to read gossip
magazines. The Island is located right outside the Devon coast, and is called

Nigger Island \'cause the island is shaped like a head with the lips of a Negro.

They all arrive on time but the weather is terrible and the women are a bit
anxious about being on the Island since there\'s a storm coming. When they get to
the Island, they find out that their host and hostess are delayed. They aren\'t
alone on the Island. The Owens has hired two servants, Mr and Mrs Rogers.

Including them, they are ten people. Mr and Mrs Rogers serve a fantastic dinner,
and serve them drinks afterwards. While Mr Rogers serves them the drinks, they
hear a mysterious voice. The voice accuses every one of them of a terrible
crime: MURDER! Mrs Rogers fainted of the shock. They tried to find out where the
voice came from, and discovered that it\'s a gramophone put up against the wall
in the adjoining room. They are all very upset, and that\'s why no one thinks
it\'s a murder when Anthony Marston dies just a few minutes later. He choked of
his drink, said the doctor, then he gave Mrs Roger a sleeping drug and sent her
to bed. That\'s how the terrible story began. The others sat up late discussing
the mystery about all this. First the very vague invitation, then the voice and
their missing host and hostess. They also discuss the letters, and discover that
there are different senders. The sender is always a U.N. Owen = unknown. And why
the shower curtains were missing. Early next morning Dr Armstrong woke up by
someone knocking on his door. It was Mr Rogers, something was wrong with his
wife. He couldn\'t wake her. When Dr Armstrong takes a look at her, he sees that
she\'s dead. Probably heart failure, he can\'t know for sure without his medical
instruments. That\'s why nobody thinks the second death is a murder. But when

General Macarthur dies from a hard hit in the back of his head while he\'s
sitting on the beach, they start to wonder. After discussing the evidence, (as

Judge Wargrave calls it) they come to the conclusion, that Mr unknown is one of
them. The weather is so bad that no one could be able to get out