Baseball Salaries
When people think of high salaries they turn to the world of professional
sports, because that is where athletes are paid outrageous amounts to do the
things they love. Although some would argue that the athletes deserve these
wages, I fell that not all professional sports are paid adequately. For an
example of this statement take into consideration the time and effort that most
pro athletes spend at perfecting there acquired talent. They are fine tuned
instruments, who work hard to do their jobs on the field, on the court, or on
the course. They do this because they love the game. Golfers donít get paid as
much as other Pro-sports, but do their job just as well. Athletes are paid way
to much, but golfers are not. Now take into consideration how much professional
baseball players make a season. "The average earned income in major league
baseball is over $800,000 a season"(Fizel, 83), and some of these players just
ride the pine all year. How is it fair that a man that can hit a ball four
hundred feet to send a baseball out of the park make $30 million a season. Barry

Bonds is truly a great athlete, but to be paid that much he should be able to
hit home runs with his eyes closed. I know that these baseball stars bring in a
lot of very good paying customers, and they like to watch the games. Then
though, I could eat for a week on what they are charging to get into Wrigley

Field with good seats for one game. If you will step back with me in time for a
moment you will understand why I am so concerned about this issue about over
paid athletes. In the forties each player was paid fairly but not extravagantly.

"When I joined the Cardinals ball club in 1943 we were paid fifteen dollars
for each game".(Harig) Back then the players had other jobs to help them make
ends meat. They just played the game on the side and on the weekends for extra
cash. Other sports have the same problems, take professional basketball. Michael

Jordan is the greatest man to ever walk across the hard wood floors of
professional basketball, but to be paid $63 million in one season is almost
sickening. Jordan has so much power when it comes to the NBA, that he is able to
drop out of the National Basketball League and start playing baseball. Then when
he was tired of baseball, the Bulls begged and pleaded for him to come back to
their team. That just doesnít seem right and fair to me, especially to other
players in the NBA. He may be the greatest basketball player ever, but in my
books he doesnít have a lot of character and integrity. "Jordan made sixty
three million last year and the closest man to him was Patrick Ewig; who made
twenty million,"(Partinie) which is a little better character wise. It is true
that these men bring on big crowds and lots of money to the owners, just like
baseball players, but again have to much control. They probably arenít paid
near as much as the owners could afford to either, the owner can go home with a
fat pocket too. Proís are just taking advantage of there talent, at least in
some cases. God gave them their talent and some of them are being very greedy
and not using it for what it was meant to be used for; the pure love of the
game. Football players arenít any better but are a little different when it
comes to why they are paid so much. They have a lot more at steak when they go
out on to the field to crunch heads. They have to consider the possibility of
getting injured. They are paid to be big, mean, fast, and ruthless out on the
grass against men just as big and ruthless as themselves. Football players are
rewarded money if their talent is exceptional, for touchdowns, yardage, sacks,
stops, interceptions, and many more. If they donít perform they donít get as
much cash. If they do live up to what they are expected to, they get over loaded
with money. Emmit Smith, and other runningbacks are paid more than any lineman,
because they are the ones that put on the show, and are what the spectators came
to the game to watch. They also make all the points and make all the good plays
that keep viewers interested. Now I do know