Brave New World By Huxley

Huxley’s Brave New World is definitely new and is something that is difficult
for a person living in a 90’s world to imagine for it is so very diverse
compared to our society and customs today. The odd world and lifestyle that was
prophesied by Aldous Huxley in the first half of the 20th century has much of
the same basis of customs but they are just performed different ritually in
these people’s everyday routines. If anyone from our time and our world were
ever to spend any given amount of time in Huxley’s world then they would be
confused, shunned by society and looked at almost as a savage like John for
having such different and "primitive" ways. This of course would
happen to anyone from Huxley’s world that infiltrated our world that we know.

It’s all in one’s opinion whether or not Huxley’s adjustments for a stable
environment are just are not but what can be done is to show a comparison
between a world subjected to Huxley’s ideas from Brave New World and our
reality today. One comparison that can be made and also the most obvious is how
people are brought into the world. In Huxley’s world there is a complicated
hatching process where embryos are monitored and adjusted. This occurs in the

Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Center. There are many, many aspects to
this process and many different methods used to bring life into the world then
what we are accustomed to. Here embryos are kept in jars and processed in
several ways and conditioned in such a way that everything about the person can
be determined and altered. Once these children are born they are put through
several events from day one which help to suit them for the rest of their lives.

For example, a type of treatment would occur to a certain group of children with
a certain determined destiny and so that they enjoy their occupations and niche
in their world no matter what that role may be. The people who work to keep this
world stable would not want a child predestined to become a construction worker
to ever find curiosity in books and learning; that child would be conditioned to
stay away from books and learning by means of bad association with those certain
things. The child may be given a book and then shocked so they can affiliate bad
memories with studying. All persons produced by the center are subjected to many
other types of conditioning processes to fit them perfectly to perform their job
in the world such as hypnopaedia which is sleep-teaching. In today’s reality
two people mate and the woman conceives the child through birth. There is no
other method of creating a human being. In our world pregnancy is considered
natural and beautiful. Children are brought up very individually and in
different ways, usually by families and taught the basics of growing up.

Children are educated in school learning all subjects including history which is
another aspect of life that is shunned by Huxley’s society. The mating part in
the ritual of creating life is what brings us to our next comparison, sex. In

Huxley’s society sex is had hastily and through promiscuity, with many
partners. Love is something that is not even imagined in their world. But in
reality sex is something precious and is not had without thought and without
knowing the person well, actually, this is in most scenarios but it is sad to
say that promiscuity does exist to some extent in our world. Love is a very
serious thing in reality, even more precious than sex and love does occur often.

Both worlds use contreceptives which is wise to prevent disease transmissions
and unwanted births but in Huxley’s world the sole reason for protection
during sex is to not impregnate the woman and have society look down upon you.

Contraceptives are used more in Huxley’s world than in ours because there no
wants to have children so protection is always used, most likely nearing 100% of
the time but in our times, some have sexual intercourse hastily and don’t stop
to think to use safety precautions and also some couples choose not to use
protection so that they can have children. An aspect of sexual intercourse in
the brave new world is soma, a drug that was invented to create an artificial
happiness with no side affects. There is no such thing as this in the real
world, there is no drug with no affects on the human body, there aren’t any