Bystander Effect Assignment

Exploring The Social World
Professor Koepke

The purpose of this experiment was to see what people in a crowded area would do if a person did something such as drop many items. There have been many of these experiments that in fact become popular. A lot of these are happening everyday and being posted on to popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other websites. One popular one on YouTube is just the basic one of a man carrying a binder full of paper and tripping into the street dropping them everywhere. This guy performs and records these experiences seeing in deed who would help. The first couple times a couple people help, but the last time he performs this stunt is the most meaningful. He trips into the road and drops the papers everywhere as they begin to fly everywhere. Then two drivers from both directions stop their car and get out and begin to help . Then two homeless people nearby get up and begin to help the man pick up all the papers . They then help the guy get gathered and then go on their own way. The experiment I performed was very similar. The purpose is to see how willing people are to help other people when their "luck is down." My hypothesis was that if I dropped many thing s in a crowded area then a couple people would help me.
This week was my turn to perform the experimen t. I was instructed to perform this experiment on campus. I attempted to do this three times on campus in the student center but I felt it would be invalid since my results were biased because the people around me knew me. I then re alized I had a better opportunity to perform this experiment later in the week. I knew I was going to go Black Friday Shopping and then I would also go out of town and stay at a hotel for my basketball games in Havre, Montana at Northern. The first time I did it was at Walmart right after they opened up for Black Friday shopping. I went over to the deli section where they had all the DVD's and Video Games on sale. This is usually a high traffic area on Black Friday at Walmart since I have shopped there in the past. I brought my friend along with me to record the experiment. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone this weekend and shattered it. After getting it fixed I lost about half of my photo gallery and these videos happened to be apart of the memories I lost. Anyways, I picked u p about 6 movies and began walking down the aisle. I then tripped in front of a large group of people. I felt I had really sold it since I in fact banged my knee on the ground which actually somewhat hurt. People began looking at me and my movies scattered all around the ground. Nobody even looked like they were ready to help me. One person even stepped over me to get to the DVD rack to pick out a movie. I then began to pick up my movies and still nobody helped me. One person even giggled at me when they saw me fall. I also had another friend there with me who began to help me pick up the movies. I thought maybe if one person saw me being helped that they would help me as well. I performed this experiment then two more times at Walmart in different places. The same result happened. Nobody helped me, in fact I seemed to be the source of entertainment for some people. Disgusted by the results I received at this location I decided to repeat this experiment again at a hotel in Havre, Montana. We traveled to play in a tournament at Montana State - Northern. While at the Best Western Hotel I performed this stunt in the lobby. A family of six was checking in at the time. I ran into the pool area and quickly grabbed some towels. I walked back outside and began walking across the lobby. I