Catcher In The Rye
The Catcher in the Rye is about a man named Holden Caulfield, who is narrating
the story. Holden is in a psychiatric hospital in California, where at the given
moment he was spending his time. He then had a flashback of when he was a young
man at the age of sixteen. The story starts off at Pencey Prep, Holden\'s present
school at which he was flunking out of. Holden had only a few more days before
his expulsion from Pencey, so he had been paying his final dues to his admired
instructors, such as Mr. Spencer, Holden’s elderly History teacher. After
spending some bothersome hours with Mr. Spencer, Holden returned to his room in

Ossenburger Memorial Hall. There he was visited by Robert Ackley whom he
disliked with a great passion, however he still had a conversation with him
about school matters. While having an unpleasant discussion with Ackley, the
conversation was then soon interrupted by Ward Stradlater, Holden’s roommate.

Stradlater notified Holden that he was going on a date with Jane Gallagher that
night, an old girlfriend of Holden’s. Holden had agreed to write a paper for

Stradlater while he was on the date. After eating dinner, Holden began to write
the paper and while doing so, became immersed in old memories of his brother

Allie whom he loved dearly, but sadly had passed away. When Stradlater had
arrived back at the dorm, Holden interrogated him about the date he had with

Jane hoping that Stradlater and Jane did not have a sexual interlude with each
other. Stradlater was upset by Holden’s line of questioning and the two boys
ended up in a confrontation and physical fight together. Holden lost the
altercation trying to protect his old girlfriend. After the fight that Holden
had with Stradlater, he attempted, without success, to befriend Ackley, for he
didn’t want to leave Pency Prep without a friend. However it seemed that

Ackley was neither interested nor concerned about the fight that Page 2 the two
roommates had together. Inevitably, Holden decided to leave Pencey early and
stay in New York until the day that he intended to arrive at home had
approached. On the train ride to New York Holden met a mother of student that
attended Pencey. While he had been maintaining a ‘nice’ conversation with
the woman, Holden soon had found him self lying about his self and the woman’s
son just so he could seem to be gregarious and benevolent, meantime he was
snickering at him self that he was being the phony that he had always rejected
and found to be repulsive. After he had reached his destination at the New York

Penn Station, Holden had contemplated on calling someone, but then had
determined that it was too late. Holden then took a taxi to an older hotel in
which he received a rather ‘crummy’ room. Once in his room, he called a girl
by the name of Faith Cavendish. He was given her phone number, and when in
conversation with her, he again seemed to be phony, acting suave and
sophisticated, as he had done with the woman on the train. While sitting wide
awake late on a Saturday night, in his room, Holden had a long divagation
whether or not to call Phoebe, his little sister for whom he had high respect
for and also wanted to go see. Because he is very much astir at the moment, and
not at all drowsy, Holden went down the Lavender Room, a club at the hotel. When
entering the club, Holden was put at a deficient table and is not even able to
order a drink. He ended up sitting with three women who were secretaries from

Seattle Washington . Holden bought drinks and danced with the girls, although
after the whole evening they ended up leaving him with the check, without so
much as a thank you. Holden then went to the lobby of the hotel and for a while
thought about Jane Gallagher and a summer that the two of them had spent
together. After being confused and disturbed about Jane, him and Stradlater,

Holden decided to go to another night club in Greenwich Village. It was a club
that his older brother, D.B., had taken him. D.B. was in California being a
prostitute. When he came to the club he met a girl named Lillian Simmons, who
had in fact dated Page 3 D.B. Holden also considered that girl to be a phony and
an imbecile, like most of the world. He left the