Children With Emerald Eyes
My book Children With Emerald Eyes, is about many children, but focused around
three children placed in an institution, due to schizophrenic and autistic
conditions. These childrenís names are Sara, Chaim, and Danny. The setting of
this story is in an institute for the insane, schizophrenic, and autistic. Most
of these children are orphans, or children, that have escaped from their county,
and are trying to find refuge. I feel that their conflict is really, between
themselves. I mean that the main problem is them. They, Danny, Sara, and Chaim
are their own problem. They are trying to run from themselves, but they canít.

In my book there were three different rising actions, one for each child. The
first rising action started during Dannyís part of the book. The rising action
was when he was trying to break down the emotional walls that his previous ways
had built. Saraís rising action started when they described how she was always
wanting everything wrapped, like a present. Next is the rising action found in

Chaimís story is when he got nervous and tried to literally take a bite of
himself. The main characters of this book is Mira, the psychologist and also the
author of this book. I would call Mira the protagonist, because she was the only
one who would believe in the fact that these kids could be helped, and she
enjoyed doing it. At the beginning of the book though, the children were the
antagonists. Throughout the story, there was allot of character development, not
only from the children, but from Mira also. Through all of the story the point
of view stayed at a camera third person. The theme the author presents, is that
of love, fear, friendship, betrayal, growing up, and a search for oneís self.

I feel that the most important message of this book is that even though one can
feel betrayed by someone, there can still be friendship between them. My opinion
of this book is one a girl usually have towards someone or something, but I
think that this book was very moving. I feel that it touched base on everything
a book should. There wasnít very many things I didnít like about this book
except the point that it quite hard to follow. As a matter of fact it has, it
has changed the ways I look at the way mentally challenged children act.