"Coca-Cola enterprises Incorporated, employees 66,199 operates, 444
facilities, 47,235 vehicles, 1.9 million pieces of cold drink equipment and sold

3.8billion unit cases in 46 states in the united states, all 10 provinces of

Canada and portions of Europe including Belgium, France, Great Britain,

Luxembourg and the Netherlands" (Coca-Cola facts 99). An, Atlanta

Pharmacist Dr. John Slyth Pemberton founded Coca-Cola on May 8, 1886. The carmel
colored ingredients, Coca leaves and kola nuts. Later the drink was striped of
narcotics. The drink was first designed as a drug that will help people feel
better. Pemberton sold his new drink for 5 cents a glass. Some time later
carbonated water was added to the syrup and that is how Coca-Cola was invented.

Dr. Pemberton sold Coca-Cola out of the pharmacy he worked at. The pharmacy was
owned by, a man named Frank M. Robinson. Robinson suggested
"Coca-Cola" as a name for Pemberton\'s drink. The two men took an old
oilcloth sing and hung it in the window saying "Drink Coca-Cola". They
averaged nine glasses sold a day. In 1886 Pemberton became sick he sold some of
his portions of his interest too Asa G. Candler. In 1888 Pemberton died, and Asa

Candler began buying all the out standing shares of Coca-Cola. Candler was and

Atlanta druggist and businessman. Candler knew Coke was going to be something
big. He then had complete control by 1891 for $2,300. In 1892, Candler and his
brother John Candler, Frank Robinson and two other associates formed
"Coca-Cola Company" in Georgia. Candler was a master at marketing. He
handed out coupons for one free glass of Coca-Cola. He also promoted the
beverage by painted walls, Clocks, outdoor posters, serving trays and fountain
urns. Candler marketing stragety worked Coke was available everywhere. The sales
took off. People started calling Coca-Cola "Coke" They urged the
customers to call it by its full name, but "Coke" just stuck. "In

1894, the company opened its first syrup manufacturing plant outside Atlanta in

Dallas Texas. The following year plants opened in Chicago and Los Angeles. Three
years after the Coca-Cola Company\'s incorporation Candler announced in the
annual report: "Coca-Cola in the now drunk in every state and territory in
the United States" (History of Coca-Cola Company). Joseph A. Biedenharn, of

Vicksburg, Mississippi installed bottler machinery in his candy store in 1894
and became the first Coca-Cola bottler in the United States. Benjamin F. Thomas
and Joseph B. Whithehead of Chatttanooga, Tennesse bought Coca-Cola from Asa

Candler for one dollar. He got all right to Coca-Cola he thn opened the first
bottling plant in Chattanooga that year. Candler sold the Coca-Cola Company in

1919 for $25 million to an Atlanta banker named Ernest Woodruff and investor
group he had organized. In 1923 E. Woodruff\'s 33-year-old son Robert Woodruff
was elected president of Coca-Cola Company. "The Business was
re-incorporated as a Delaware corporation, and 500,000 shares of common stock
were sold publicly for $40 per shares." Robert Woodruff bought Coca-Cola

Company to even greater highs for more then six decades. "Fundamental to
his success was a commitment to the highest standards for product quality a
commitment that remains a hallmark for the Coca-Cola system today". 1981

Roberto Goizueta a Cuban born chemical engineers who rejuvenated the business.

Although Coca-Cola had dabbled on several industries over the years, Goizueta
engineered the largest of this diversification, the $700 million acquisition of

Columbia pictures in 1982. In 1985, Coke changed its original recipe for a
"New Coke". Market shares had fallen so Guizueta thought that

Coca-Cola needed a change his change was "New Coke" the consumers
rejected it. The company changed back to the original recipe. In 1986, it
consolidated the U.S. bottling operation it owned into Coca-Cola Enterprises and
sold 51% of the new company to the public. In 1960, the Coca-Cola Company
purchased minute Maid Corporation; adding frozen citrus juice concentrates and
adds, along with the trademarks minute maid and Hi-C, the company\'s beverage
line. The company later acquired Duncan foods, a coffee producer, and formed the

Coca- Cola company foods Division in 1967, now known as the Minute Maid

Company". From 1977-1983 the company produced and marketed wine in the

United States. In 1982 Coca -Cola company bought Belmont Spring Water company

Incorporated. Coca- Cola thought the Entertainment business would be good for
them so in 1982 the company acquisition to Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc,
which joined Tri Star Pictures in 1987, to form the independent corporation

Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. Coca-Cola then sold Belmont Springs Water

Company, Inc. 1989, closing out a decade of accelerated growth and change. In

1997, Robert Goizueta died of lung Cancer. While Robert was in the