Color Purple
In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple Celie faces love obstacles in the beginning
of the novel. eventually, she overpowers these obstructions and truimphs. One
example of a love obstacle Celie faces that eventually ends in truimph can be
found following one of her beatings on page 23, where he writes states "It all

I can do not to cry. I make myself wood." This clearly conveys that Celie
lacks love in the early portion of her life. However, she truimphs when she
meets Shug Avery, who says on page 118, " I love you Miss Celie." These
words show how Celie makes the transition from being unloved to being loved.

Another example of a love obstacle that she truimphs is stated on page 13 where
she meets Harpo. "He pick up a rock and laid my head open." Obviously, due
to his vulgar actions, he has nolove for his new mother. The trimph comes later
in the novel Harpo and Celie form a bond a mother would have with her son.