Good And Bad

In colleges there are good and bad courses that people take. Some of them are
happy to take those classes and some of them are not, like me. I took many
courses from a college and now I can compare which courses are good or which
courses are bad. The good courses are the ones that are electives, which you are
not required to take. On the other hand, the bad courses are the ones you must
take. Those courses that you must take are the general education courses. Which
are history, Psychology, Math, Etc. They are bad because you are forced to take
those courses but the good classes are the optional courses that you are not
forced to take. It gives you comfort when you do not have to do something but
you want to do it anyway. I think this is the same with courses too. When you
have to do something you do not learn anything but when you want something you
learn a lot of things. Bad courses are hard to understand. At least they are
hard to understand for me because English is not my first language and does not
matter how well I speak or if I know English, I still have problems with it.

Especially in history courses. Sometimes I do not understand a word because they
are using old English. But in good courses I can understand easily such as
computer classes. My major is computer so I know a little bit about computers.

It does not matter how much you know because it is always the same. It uses the
same language. Time passes so quickly that you do not even understand that the
class is finished in good courses because it is enjoyable and easy to
understand. In the required courses you start to count the seconds, since you
get into the class because it is boring and you have to deal with boring
teachers. You donít understand a word that the teacher says. Teachers are so
serious that they donít even make jokes or let you talk in the class. They
just start lecturing from the beginning till the end of the class. These are the
major comparison on the things about the good and the bad courses in college. No
matter which college you go to, there will be always two kinds of courses. I
feel sorry because I have to take those bad courses although I do not want to.