Creative Writing
Creative writing is used to help regular expository writing become more
interesting. You can use creative writing to do many tasks to help compose your
paper. For instance, use this technique to select and narrow down your chose of
topic. You can also generate and ideas, research ideas, and organize the ideas
into a thesis. Use creative writing to develop examples, specific details,
analogies and metaphors into your writing. This method is especially good for
writing your introductions and conclusions. Creative writing is a way to not
bore yourself or your audience with the same ideas and writings of others.

Writing creatively is challenging but can be possible if you follow four areas
for creative writing. These four areas are being creative in topic selection,
using specific details and examples, and writing introductions and conclusions.

Also being creative in generating ideas, researching, and drafting your paper.

Being Creative in Topic Selection In searching for a topic, pick a experimental
topic one that you are interested in and would have fun researching about. State
the topic in a question so when you research on it you can read up on it as much
as you can and if you find something else interesting you can always modify your
question. When the topic is more personal, make notes that will help you answer
the question. Try to measure how much information you have to answer your
question. Being Creative in Generating Ideas, Researching, and Drafting There is
never a set order when taking these steps. The order differs depending on the
writing project. Along side your everyday life, live in your writing. There are
many strategies that can help with the thinking process when you are not just
focusing on the paper. For instance, carry a little notebook with you at all
times so when you are working or just having fun and an idea pops up in your
head that will be useful in the paper you can write it down to remember it
later. You can also phone your own voicemail or talk into a tape recorder with
your idea. Talk to other people about your topic maybe they have a few ideas
that can help you. Very importantly, when you are in the library researching,
ask the librarian if she has any suggestions. Being Creative in Using Specific

Details and Examples In good papers, examples are given to show how general
statements can be valid and to make it more understandable. Use creative
thinking and researching to come up with good specific examples. Metaphors can
help express the details to readers more effectively in examples.