Crucible Lying

Notes for an essay on human weaknesses that are prominent in the Crucible Lying
(pg. 10 - Abigail Williams) Abigail lied to Parris when he asked if she had
slept with Proctor. (pg. 17 - All the Girls) They all agreed to say that they
had only danced, nothing more. (pg. 109 - Elizabeth Proctor) Goody Proctor lied
in court and said that her husband had not committed lechery. Greed (pg. 29 -

Thomas Putnam) Mr. Putnam got angry with John Proctor for taking wood from what
he thought was his own land when really Proctor bought it from Goody Nurseís
husband five months ago. (pg. 63 - Reverend Parris) Parris thought he needed
golden candlesticks for the church so he had preached nothing but golden
candlesticks until he had them. (Abigail Williams) Abigail wanted to marry John

Proctor and when he let her know he only loved Elizabeth, Abigail tried to get
rid of Elizabeth. Lack of Strength (pg. 42 - Tituba) Tituba could not take the
abuse she was getting any longer so she gave in and confessed to compacting with
the Devil. (pg. 113 - Mary Warren) Mary was not strong enough to stand up to the
girls and she turned on John Proctor and said that he was the Devilís man.
(Deputy Governor Danforth) Danforth could not stop hanging people when he knew
they were innocent because he had already killed so many, he was not strong
enough to take responsibility for his error.