Divorce And Faults
The divorce is a legal ending of a marriage. It occurs when two spouses feel
that a legal separation is the only way to put an end to their problems such as,
differences in goals, financial difficulties, or poor sexual relationships.

However, most people, when thinking about divorce, worry about the impact that
it has on their children that are involved. Besides, a reason that at least half
of our marriage fail is divorce laws. There have been many laws concerning
divorce enforced in the United States that allow a quicker processing time.

Maggie Gallagher, an affiliate scholar at the Institute for American Values,
appointed about law in divorce such as why makes divorce easy? . These laws,
often referred to as "no-fault", grant a divorce to a couple even if only
one spouse applies for it. There are three reasons that support about no-fault
divorce. The first reason is the no-fault attitude towards divorce encourages
casual actions in marriages. For example, in the Journal of Marriage and the

Family suggests that divorce rats increased from 15 to 25 percent as a result of
the no-fault divorce laws. If we make an easier for divorce then we can decrease
the quality of marriage. In addition, all marriages go through bleak times such
as they don’t angry together about any problem in their life, or he/she wants
the spouse acts along his/her ways; therefore, making one partner often think
about comfort through divorce. Instead of resolving problems in a healthy
manner, divorce through the no-fault laws is quickly utilized to provide escape.

Besides, under no-fault laws, divorces today are no less angry. For instance, in
her book Second Chances, Judith Wallerstein found that about half of all the
couples she studied were still locked in bitter conflict five years after
divorcing. The next reason is no-fault divorce laws allow one partner to
dissolve a marriage for any reason or for no reason at all. In the past,
divorces as well as marriages had to occur as a contract or an agreement of
responsibility. Through the no-fault, however, marriage can be dissolved by the
wishes of only one spouse. In addition, many people believe that courts should
treat marriages as any business contracts and thus divorce should be considered
a breach of a legal agreement. If courts treated business contract as they now
treat the marriage contract, and systematically favored the party that wished to
withdraw, the direct result would be the collapse or decline in the economy.

Furthermore, no-fault divorce agrees that it strengthens marriage because
couples can leave bad marriages and make better ones. But the opposite has
happened. For example, the University of Texas has pointed out that after 25
years of no-fault, there is as many unhappy marriages as ever, and far fever
happy ones. Therefore divorce is a complex and painful process for both the
children and the whole family system. Whether we like it or not, access to
dissolve one’s marriage and to seek alternative partners has become a part of
our culture. The last reason is divorces have also become more common through
out the no-fault laws. No-fault divorce is when neither side is labeled guilty.

Some people oppose no-fault divorces because they believe such divorce can be
obtained too easily. They feel couples can end their marriage without there
being a real good reason. The divorce process is easier under the no-fault laws.

Therefore the divorce rate will increase faster. In the late ‘60s and
mid-‘70s a couple would divorce in first five years of marriage jumped by
one-third. Besides, the no-fault divorce had led to a surge in the divorce, no
surprise to anyone who has ever been married. However, we should not shift the
blame divorce for no-fault law. No-fault laws have their right sides. Sometimes
the husband drinks the drug or listens to from his friend; he comes home and has
the bad things with his spouse. So, his spouse want to divorce him, but if there
is no-fault divorce then the spouse will have a long day’s series beside the
husband she wants out of. No-fault divorce created many confortable conditions
for the spouse developing their rights in the freedom society. Some couples say
that their life is better than after they divorce. I think the increasing of
divorces are caused by the environment, the society, no-fault laws protect the
right of women when they meet the scenes of violence in family. In additional we
have to understand that the purpose of making divorce more difficult is not to
torment a couple into staying together but to give