Dracula Strengths And Weaknesses
I. Strengths A. Immortal 1. Speaks of history as if he was there 2. Legend in
the story states that "un-dead" will go on for eternity 3. Dracula himself
states "Time is on my side." B. Blood gives him strength and restored
vitality 1. Dracula looks younger after consuming blood 2. Renfield explains
what Dracula is doing to Mina C. Ability to heal injuries much faster that
normal men 1. Throws himself through a window and emerges unhurt 2. This
explains the difficulty involved with killing a vampire D. Has superior strength

1. Harker describes handshake as an "iron grip" 2. Seward\'s journal shows
that Renfield exhibits great physical strength 3. Bars of a wolfís cage are
found bent, probably Dracula 4. It is found that Dracula can actually handle his"boxes of earth" himself E. Supernatural powers 1. Crawls down the side of
his castle 2. Seems to have some control over weather 3. Able to change himself
into a mist and also create thick fogs 4. Shares psychic bond with victims F.

Able to command the behavior and thoughts of animals and sometime humans 1.

Wolves obey carriage driverís commands, actually Dracula 2. Dracula frequently
summon wolves to do his bidding 3. Causes Harker to forget his time spent in

Transylvania 4. Commands wolf to leave zoo and attack Lucy 5. Keeps Harker
asleep while he attacks Mina G. Able to change form into animals 1. Large dog
jumps off grounded ship 2. A "great bat" is seen quite frequently throughout
the story H. Able to make others become Vampires 1. Causes Lucy to become a
vampire 2. Process seems to be difficult and involved 3. Is almost not able to"convert" Lucy because of transfusions II. Weaknesses A. Activities limited
to nighttime 1. Dracula canít be found by Harker during the day 2. Harker
eventually finds Dracula asleep in his box during the day 3. Dracula is found to
have no powers during the daylight hours a. The men find that Dracula cannot
change his shape during the day b. In fact, Dracula loses a great deal of his
strengths during the day B. Needs his "boxes of earth" to sleep during the
day 1. Dracula takes great pains to bring his boxes with him to London 2. The
men realize his need for these and begin to destroy them 3. The count will soon
be unable to seek refuge in them so he must retreat. C. Shares a "bond" with
his victims 1. Dracula has access to the minds of those he has victimized but
they also have a limited access to his mind 2. Van Helsing hypnotizes Mina and
she discovers that Dracula is on a boat D. Dracula has a "bloodlust" 1.

Dracula needs blood to survive, it is his only sustenance 2. Dracula obviously
needs to be around a steady supply of blood 3. Because of his need for blood,

Dracula is forced to move to London 4. The sight of blood incites Dracula and
fills him with a "lust" for it E. Does not cast reflections in mirrors 1.

Harker notices that, oddly, there are no mirrors in the Countís home 2.

Dracula does not show up in Harkerís shaving mirror F. Holy Wafer 1. This is
used by the men to repel Dracula and also keep him out of certain areas 2. They
use this to "sterilize" his resting places, making them unusable 3. Used to
protect people by making a circle of it around them 4. Will burn the skin of a
vampire or any other "evil" being G. Crucifix or Holy Cross 1. Will also
repel Dracula 2. May also have a calming effect on angry people 3. Also used in
protecting people from evil, especially Dracula H. Garlic 1. Will repel Dracula
when brandished or worn on body 2. Also used in protecting people from Dracula

3. May be vampire specific as far as its repelling quality goes I. Cutting off
head 1. This may or may not be enough to kill a vampire, it is usually
accompanied by other means 2. Stuffing garlic in the mouth of the head is likely
to prevent regeneration J. Stake through the heart 1. A stake through the heart
is very likely to kill a vampire 2. Again, this is usually accompanied by other
means The history of superheroes and supervillains in literary works is long and
well documented. The fact that almost all heroes and villains have one or more
extraordinary strength or ability that is offset by at