E Commerce

An e-commerce solution for a business is the incorporation of all aspects of the
business operation into an electronic format. Many well-established businesses
have been selling on-line for years. For example, Dell Computers Corp., has been
selling computers directly to end-users for years. Currently, Dell is selling
excessive of 1 million dollars worth of computers everyday on the World Wide Web
(WWW). When a business has incorporated an e-commerce solution, the business
will experience a lower operation cost while at the same time increasing its
profit. The e-commerce solution will allow businesses to eliminate unnecessary
paperwork. All paperwork and data can be transformed into an electronic format.

Thus, it will eliminate valuable shelf space and data can be searched and
accessed in matter of seconds. E-commerce will also automates the sales process.

Customers can "point & click" on the products they wish to
purchase, fill out the customer information, and the product will be shipped and
received in a matter of few days. The administration department does not have to
fill out any paperwork because the customer had done it already. Thus, the
efficiency will be greatly improved. With an e-commerce solution, the business
will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People from anywhere in the world
with an Internet access will be able to visit the site at any time. They will
not be restricted to the "normal" business operating hours. A
"brick + mortar" business is normally limited to serving the customers
in its local geographical location. With an e-commerce solution, that business
will not be limited a geographical restriction, rather it opens itself to the
global on-line market. Essentially, the business\' market exposure will be
greatly increased. In conducting my study, I have researched extensively on the

Internet for resources. I chose the Internet as my primary research medium
because e-commerce is still a fairly new technology. Since it is technology
related, the Internet will provide the most recent data available. Printed
publications will not be able to adapt to changes as fast and efficient as
electronic publications. I researched many e-commerce related web sites along
with some companies that conduct statistical studies. Some of the e-commerce web
sites that I looked into are E-Commerce Times, eRetail, and eMarketer. The
statistical research firms that I researched are Forrester Research and Jupiter

Communication. Both firms provided valuable statistical data that shows the rise
of consumers shopping on-line and the predicted dollar amount that will be spent
in the coming years. Methods In conducting my study, I completed the following
tasks: - I searched extensively on the Internet for sites that are e-commerce
related. Upon visiting the sites, I evaluated each site for the contents,
thoroughness, and objectiveness. There are literally hundreds of sites that are
devoted to e-commerce. However, after my careful examination of most of them, I
narrowed down to four sites that I will research for this report. - I have also
researched many firms that conduct statistical researches. The two firms that I
will be utilizing for this report are Forrester Research and Jupiter

Communication. Both firms are known for their preciseness, non-objectiveness,
and thoroughness. The statistical data I collected from these two firms will
support my recommendation that every business should have an e-commerce solution
implemented. Results From my research, I have developed fifteen reasons why
every business should incorporate an e-commerce solution into the business
operation. They are listed below. 1. To Establish A Presence There are
approximately 70 million people worldwide that have access to the World Wide Web
(WWW). No matter what industry or business one is in, one can not ignore 70
million people. To be part of that on-line community, one would need to be on
the WWW for them. Because if one doe not do it, one\'s competitor definitely
will. 2. To Network A lot of what passes for business is simply nothing more
than making connections with other people. Every smart businessperson knows, it
is not what one knows, it is whom one knows. Passing out one\'s business card is
part of every good meeting and every businessperson can tell more than one story
how a chance meeting turned into the big deal. Well, what if one could pass out
the business card to thousands, maybe millions of potential clients and
partners, saying this is what I do and if you are ever in need of my services,
this is how you can reach me. One can, 24 hours a day, inexpensively and simply,
on the WWW. 3. To Make Business Information Available What is basic business
information? Think of a