Allan Poe

Many people have adored Edgar Allan Poes\' writings and many have hated them.

Overall Poe still appeals to a large audience today who enjoy the terror, the
excitement, and the unique writing style he influenced and provided for readers
all over the world. All around the world Poe influences in all types of
writing,"For a moment I can see the importance and the influence Poe has
had on three French poets, Baudelaire, Mallarme, and especially Paul

Valery"(Thomas Stearns Eliot 206). Poes\' influence upon the world was
strong and important, introducing his own style, unique structure, and
appealingness.Poe had a strong influence upon the developement of popular
fiction and detective fiction.Poe and Wilkie Collins are held greatly
responsible for developing their own type of detective fiction.Collins developed
the efficent professional policeman stlye,while Poe was famous for his brilliant
and eccentric amateur style. Poe chose to make his stories as realistic as he
could providing a fascinating and exciting plot. "Poe chooses almost like a
rule places his hero in a most extraordinary situation and most extravgant
realism"(Dostoevski 61). Many authors have tried to copy the same struture
and plots of Poes’,not many have been able to succeed. Exciting and
fascinating plots are hard to compose. Poe made it look easy to write such
detailed and deep stories. "The excitement of one of Poe’s best-known
poems,"To Helen,"mounts even as the poet’s thoughts rise from the

Helen he adores"(Regan 4). Just a few of Poe’s famous and exciting tales
are "The Fall of the House of Usher, The Masque of the Red Death, and The

Tell-Tale-Heart". Such fascinating stories led to many wondering how could

Poe write exciting stories and be a sane man? Still today dabates and arguemnets
are made about Poes\' sanity while composing. These twisted and exciting stories
were composed by a man that loved to describe detail after detail, drawing the
audience further and further into his plot. Which allowed his imagination to run
wild and deep and his ability as a writer to transfer onto paper. That others
might get a glimpse of Poes\' imagination and his abilities. His ability to
create different types of wrintings was beyond many. Poe had an ability that
allowed him to desribe a fictional scene so detailed and real it was hard not to
believe that it really happened. His ability allowed him to introduce to the
world fictional detective stories and fictional horror tales. The horror tales

Poe wrote were gruesome, intrigging, and appealing to a large audience. His
audiences often asked themselves, "Is this real or not?" Wondering for
hours if it was fact or fiction, finally settling that indeed it was all
invented by Poes\' unbelievable imagination. Poes\' imagination allowed him to
develope terrifying stories that still appeals to a numerous amount of readers
today. His terrifying tales appeal to so many that enjoy the thrill of horror
and shock.Excitment, love, and fear or terror are closey knitted emotions.The
same kind of emotion that is a result of "fun fear". Fun fear is an
emotion that developes from a love of fear. Fear and love are emotions easily
confused for one another. "There are two types of love: the sacred and
profane kind and the spiritual and sensual"(Lawrence 112). The sensual kind
of love applys to those who enjoy the terror of Poes’ stories. In Spiritual
love contact is purely nervous. Fear of the lovers are set vibrating in unison,
like two instruments. The excitement, of fear, can rise higher and higher, but
carry this too far and the excitement will break and bleed. A form of death will
set in (Lawrence 112). Death in Poe\'s writings appeals to many who read Poes\'
tales. Poes\' writings are still very appealing to all types of people today. His
influence on the world has been strong and important. Especially to those who
enjoy feeling the thrill of terror, excitment, that Poes\' unique writng style
has provided. Still toady, all around the world many love to read Edgar Allan

Poes\' writings.


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