ENG 101 - English Skills 1
Term Essay Guidelines

As you know, i n academia myths are not simply untrue stories but narratives which evolve to explain or comment on human nature, society or the cosmos. They often involve supernatural or extraordinary phenomena; they may or may not be involved in rituals or religion ; they may involve customs, taboos, and ideology. In the three stories discussed in class ("A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" and "The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World" by Gabriel Garcia M a rquez ; "The Drowned Giant"" by J. G. Ballard) , myths (broadly defined) play different roles: they can be unappreciated, misunderstood or misused, or they can be created if there is a need, etc. Your task is to compare or contrast the mythic aspect of any two of the three stories.

You have been assigned a topic. Now, c hoose your (2) texts and develop a strong, focused thesis . Remember to make an assertion, not simply compile a list of differences or similarities . The significance , interest or relevance of your comparison or contrast should be clear to the reader . You should offer support and evidence for your position by doing some close reading of the relevant texts , as well as quoting some credible secondary sources ( using MLA Style conventions) .


hook to get reader\'s attention
statement of issue/problem
full name of texts and authors to be discussed
thesis statement

strong organization, including
paragraph unity
coherence/transitions within and between paragraphs
comparison/contrast structure and relevant vocabulary
adequate support
examples ; details form the relevant stories
quotations (direct and/or indirect) from primary and secondary sources
note: minimum of 2 credible secondary sources
proper parenthetical citation of sources MLA style

paraphrase of thesis
properly formatted Works Cited MLA style
must include the 2 primary source s + at least 2 secondary sources cited
do not include items not cited in the paper

Draft: 75 0 words minimum (include word count)
Final Version: 1, 2 00 words minimum (include word count)

Format (see Checklist uploaded to Moodle)
double spaced; size 12; Times New Roman
one side of paper
reasonable margins (at least 1")
no cover page
no plastic folder

D raft: 2 December 2015 (deductions if no substantial draft)
Final Version: 14 December 2015 ( deductions for late submission * )

Attachments to final version : peer review sheet

Note :
papers not sent to Veriguide will not be graded
* late submission = loss of one letter grade per day

Magical realism is defined as a story containing magical events and exaggerations of characters in a realistic, down-to-earth environment.

Thesis : The differences about the treatment of villagers between two stories afte r meeting the mythical creature.

A very old man with enormous wings : bad because of his ugly appearance
The handsomest drowned man in the world : good because of his good appearance

Imagination and curiosity of the villagers , creativity affect the way they treat villagers
Old man: religion, checking bibles . Why so selfish

Drowned man: curious