Facade "I know what you mean." These words from Dolphus Raymond not
only gave Scout a surprise, but also started her first conversation with him.

Through Mr. Raymond, Scout was able to see why people sometimes may act
differently in front of some people than they may usually behave. Before the
trial, Jem explains to Scout that ever since his fiancee committed suicide, Mr.

Raymond had been drunk. However, when Scout actually meets Dolphus Raymond, she
finds him to be quite sober. Scout asked why he would want the townspeople to
think badly of him. Not at all offended like she expected, he answered,"It
ain\'t honest but it\'s mighty helpful to folks...you see they could never, never
understand that I live like I do because that\'s the way I want to live."

Mr. Raymond explains that pretending that he is drunk gives people a reason not
to like him or his actions. Scout begins to see that in his own mind, Mr.

Raymond is doing the town a favor by behaving unacceptably. From that point on,

Scout would know the truth behind Dolphus Raymond\'s actions, despite the
townspeople\'s interpretations and stories. In her brief conversation with

Dolphus Raymond, Scout is able to begin seeing past the facades people wear
everyday. This lesson is one that everyone needs to learn in life, the sooner,
the better. I\'m sure that Scout will realize this sometime later in life.