For Algernon By Keyes

Test and Key 1. Where is this story set? Future, in western Europe or North

America 2. How old are Charlie and Miss Kinnian? 37, and 34. 3. What was the
first test Charlie did, and what was it for/ What did Charlie call it? A

Rorschach test, which asks the patient to say what he/she thinks of inkblots on
cards. This test is to determine if Charlie is intelligent or truly retarded.

Charlie called it a raw shok test. 4. How did Charlie do on the test, and why is
it important? He sees no inkblots, showing that he has very little advanced
thinking. He has little imagination. His brain can't do much difficult thinking,
proving that he is "dumb" enough for the test. 5. What was the

Thematic Apperception Test? It asked that Charlie look at pictures of people and
make up stories about what they are doing in the pictures. This test also proves
that Charlie is not very smart. 6. Who is Algernon? How does Charlie race
against Algernon? Algernon is a mouse. Charlie is given pictures of a maze that

Algernon must run through to get food. Charlie must draw the proper route out of
the maze in the picture before Algernon finds it himself. 7. How is Algernon
special? Why does Charlie need to do this race? Algernon is 3 times smarter than
other mice because he has had an operation. Charlie must race against him now so
that after his own operation, the doctors can see how much progress Charlie has
made. 8. What is Charlie's IQ before the operation? After? What does the
operation do? 68. ~204 to 210. The operation triples intelligence in the
subject. 9. How do the two doctors decide if Charlie is right for the
experiment? 1. He is mentally retarded. 2. He has motivation (like Algernon, but
the mouse wants food), because he works hard to learn. 10. What kind of class
does Charlie go to at night? A night school class for adults that are mentally
retarded. Miss Kinian is the teacher. 11. Where does Charlie work? What is his
job? Who is his boss? He is a janitor at a plastics factory. Mr. Donnegan is his
boss. 12. Who are his "friends"? How do they treat him? What does it
mean to "do a Charlie Gordon"? Frank and Joe. They make fun of him.

When someone makes a mistake or does something stupid, they call it "doing
a Charlie Gordon". 13. Who are the two doctors who perform the experiment?

What are the differences between them? Dr. Nemur is an unpleasant man who wants
to become rich and famous. He is in a rush to publish his experiment as a
success. Dr. Strauss is a surgeon who thinks they should wait before they say
anything. He is worried about Charlie. 14. What does Dr. Strauss ask Charlie to
do while he sleeps? Leave the TV on low so he can learn in his sleep. 15. What
happens when Charlie drinks at the party? Joe and Frank get Charlie to
"show the girls" how he mops toilets, so they can laugh at him.

Charlie gets a little drunk, gets sick, and a policeman brings him home. 16. Who
is Charlie's landlady? What nice things does she do for Charlie? She is Mrs.

Flynn. She lets him pay his rent late after he gets sick. She worries about him.

She brings him food, and tries to encourage him to go out to work again. 17.

Give examples of how the reader can tell that Charlie is getting smarter. He
beats Algernon in the race. His spelling and writing get better. His dialogue
with other people is more intelligent. He reads more and more books, or higher
and higher difficulty. His learns several languages. He leans much math and
science. He begins to think the doctors aren't that smart. He starts to think
other people are boring because they don't understand what he is talking about.

He falls in love with Miss Kinnian, seeing her as an equal, not as an old
teacher. He studies the Algernon-Gordon Effect. He predicts his own demise. 18.

Why does Charlie have so much sympathy for Algernon? Algernon must pass a test
every time he wants food, which Charlie thinks is not very kind. 19. What
happens with Ellen? What does this make Charlie realize about his
"friends"? Joe and Frank get Charlie to dance with Ellen. Everyone
watches and someone trips Charlie. Charlie realizes