Robert Walton the captain of a voyage to the North Pole Margaret Saville

Walton\'s sister and confidante to whom he writes his letters Victor Frankenstein
a student of Ingolstadt who becomes obsessed with his studies and creates the
"monster" Alphonse Frankenstein Victor\'s father who dies of despair

Caroline (Beaufort) Frankenstein Victor\'s kind-hearted mother who dies of
scarlet fever when Victor is seventeen Ernest Frankenstein Victor\'s brother

William Frankenstein Victor\'s youngest brother who is strangled to death by the
"monster" Justine Moritz A close friend of the Frankensteins who is
accused and executed for the murder of William Frankenstein Henry Clerval

Victor\'s closest friend and traveling companion who is strangled by the
"monster" Elizabeth Lavenza Victor\'s adopted sister who marries Victor
and is killed by the "monster" on their wedding night M. Krempe

Victor\'s natural philosophy professor at the University of Ingolstadt M. Waldman

A professor at the University of Ingolstadt whose chemistry lecture inspires

Victor to begin his creation M. Kirwin An old Irish magistrate who takes care of

Victor while he is in prison The Frankenstein Monster Victor\'s creation who is
deserted by Victor and rejected by society M. DeLacey a blind exile from France
who plays the guitar Felix DeLacey M. DeLacey\'s hard-working son Agatha DeLacey

M. DeLacey\'s loving daughter Safie Felix\'s Arabian fiancee who leaves Turkey and
joins Felix Robert Walton and his crew are on an expedition to the North Pole
when they come across Victor Frankenstein near death. Walton restores Victor
back to health and Victor explains the circumstances which have brought him into
the artic regions in this condition. When Victor was a college student at The

University of Ingolstadt, he became obsessed with the natural sciences and vowed
to be the first to create life. Victor collected body parts from cadavers until
he had gathered enough to form one gigantic body. He successfully instilled life
within this body and, in fear and disgust, he ran from the new being. The being
was left to survive on his own with no knowledge or guidance. He made several
attempts to befriend people. but everyone either ran from him in fear or
attacked him. The being became educated and learned of his origin. After
continuous rejections and hostility from society, the being decided to get
revenge on his creator who gave him this pitiful life. The being murdered

Victor\'s brother and Victor\'s friend. The being promised to stop murdering if

Victor agreed to create a companion for the creature. Victor agrees to do so,
but after close consideration and deep contempt for his actions, he destroyed
the being that he promised to his creation. The being killed Victor\'s best
friend and wife in protest, and left Victor to wallow in his misery. Victor
vowed to avenge his friends\' and wife\'s murders and he set out to find the
monster. After an arduous journey following the beast (which has brought him to

Walton,) Victor dies. The being, unable to bear his horrible crimes and his
master\'s death, reveals his plans to commit suicide to Walton and leaves. After
learning of Victor\'s self-destruction, Walton decides to end his voyage and he
and his crew head south.