Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
In the beginning the girl Trishia was sitting in the back seat of the car
listening to her mom and brother fight. They were going on there Saturday outing
to a nature forest. While on the trail Trishia had to urinate so she called to
her mom, but her mom was busy arguing with Pete the brother. She ducked off in
the woods to urinate when she saw other people near her. She went further into
the woods and got lost. At first, she wasnít worried she thought they would
recognize that she was lost and find her. She was smart because she didnít eat
all of her lunch she rationed it out. That night she took out her Walkman and
listened to the Red Sox game and that was her only line to the world. The next
day she woke up thinking she was in her bed, when she noticed she was in the
woods she started to cry. She ate some of her lunch and started to follow the
creek because she thought it would lead her to people. She was walking up a hill
when she slipped and fell down the hill, and smooshed her lunch and punctured
her water supply. Out of food and water, she was forced to eat berries and drink
from the creek. That night she took out her Walkman and hoped it worked after
her fall, then she listened to the Sox again and heard a news flash about her,
starting to cry she turned off her Walkman. The next night she drank from the
creek and ate some berries, In the night she awoke and threw up her meal all
over her pack, also she had a case of diarrhea and she fell in it. She did get
used to the water and berries so she ate them often. She was starting to
hallucinate so she heard voices telling her she was going to die and that there
was something watching her, also she saw a wasp king after being stung by wasps
when she fell down the hill. After a week, she could barley walk and the search
party was now focused on a prank call saying she had been raped and dumped in

Maine. Suddenly she found a road and started to follow, it didnít lead to
anything but an empty truck and an old cottage. She was face to face with a bear
and she threw her Walkman at it right when a hunter shot it in the leg, the
hunter rescued her and left her at the hospital. (He could not be known because
he was breaking the law of hunting in the offseason) In the end she was reunited
with her parents after nine days in the woods, she had phenomena in both lungs
and she would be fine. Why I Chose Book? The reason I chose this book is because

I thought it was going to be a baseball book by the title The Girl Who Loved Tom

Gordon. It wasnít about baseball it was about a girl who was lost in the woods
for nine days and the story of her survival. Also, I chose this book because the
minimum page requirement is 180 pages and this was 220 so wasnít going to read
a 300-page novel. Reaction To Something I Read The one thing that stands out
that I read is when she started to have her hallucinations and starts to talk to
her idle Tom Gordon (a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox). She asks him questions
and he answers them. Also, she talks to her friend Pepsi and thinks of her
sayings. She sees things like the wasp man with a head of wasps and then he
talks he spits wasps at her. I think this is a good description by Stephen King
of what it would be like to be alone in the woods with no sign of human life for
nine days. Is The Title A Good One? I donít think the title The Girl Who Loved

Tom Gordon is a good title because sports fans automatically think it will be
about sports. The title is the way it is because the girl loves Tom Gordon and
talks to him while alone in the forest. The title is very misleading with only a
few references to baseball. Some other titles could be Alive or Trapped or maybe

The Girl Who Is Crazy And Talks To Tom