Herbert George Wells

In History, many writers have tried to touch on stories of science fiction, but
were not too successful. One man though, by the name of Herbert George Wells has
been considered by some to be the father of modern science
fiction.(GeoCities.com) H.G. Wells as some may call him, have had various books,
and stories that has made him very famous in the great book world around the
nation, as far as modern science fiction goes. Wells best know books include,

" The Time Machine", "The Invisible Man", "The War of the Worlds and

"The Island Of Dr. Moreau." Out of 100 Books Wells wrote fifty of them
were top sellers across the United States and many parts of the world. Many

Critics seen Well\'s as a crazy and loony writer because of his illusional mind,

But Wells seen his work as a piece of the world that everyone was afraid to
touch on, but Wells was the crazy writer that did so. As far as many people were
concerned, Wells was considered a great author for his work and one of the best
authors of his time because of his imagination and delusional sense of mind. His
writings were not like any others because he always wrote about the other side
of the world no one dare’s t touch alien’s and the world ending at that
time. Now many writers have free-fall writing about science fiction because of
our more sense on the science fiction life. Wells can be responsible for why we
now talk about science fiction, Because in this world many things are still to
be discovered and taught about and some people are too scared and afraid to see
what is out there and when Wells found science fiction a whole new door opened.

At the time this made him different from many writers because of his subjects
but he was just as good as good as some and better than a lot. His sense and
wonder for science fiction made him unique and very fascinating to the reader
world. At First people we scarred to read Wells writing because they didn’t
know what to expect from a science fiction writer but once they got a hold of
his first book they were fascinated, and that’s how Wells succeeded. H.G.Wells
had a past that was similar to many great writers but his unique backgrounds
made him different. Wells was born in Bombay, Kent in 1866.(Geocities.com). His
father was a shopkeeper, even though being a shopkeeper wasn’t a great job\'
during those times but Wells father had a family to tend too so he had to do
what he had to do. His mother on the other hand served from time to time and,
also was a housekeeper at the newly estate. His father’s business failed and
to elevate the family to middle class status, Wells apprenticed like his
brothers to a draper, spending the years between the years of 1880 and 1883 in

Wilson and South sea.(kirjasto.sci.fi/hgwells.com) His career as an author was
fostered by unfortunate accident as a young child. He broke his leg in 4 places
and spent a mandatory of the time resting and reading almost every book he could
find(kirjasto.sci.fi/hgwells.htm). In 1883 Wells became a teacher/pupil at

Midwest Grammar School. He was a very good teacher and many of students and
staff seen him as a good and great teacher because of his ways he carried on his
teaching and the was he taught his literary work. He obtained a scholarship to
the Normal School of Science in London and studied their biology under T. H.

Huxley.(kirjasto.sci.fi/hgwells.htm) He majored in biology and science and
earned his degrees, this had a lot to do with how he got his knowledge for
science fiction books and why he was so good at his work. However his intent
fluted and in 1887, he left without a degree. He taught in private schools for
four years, not taking his Bachelor’s degree until 1890. The next year he
settled in London and by accident he married his cousin. Her name was Isabel,
unfortunately he fell in love with her and forced her to marry him, but when he
found out it was his cousin he had to let her go. Wells continued his career as
a teacher in a correspondence college but for the next year, he became a full
time writer and he did what he loved to do. As a novelist Wells made his debut
book called "The Time Machine" a book of great english novel that showed