Immortal Gods
By Joshua Vukelich. In the immoral world of Ovid's The Metamorphoses the gods
stand out like the characters of a western dime novel. A hero, usually is
dressed with their purple robes held together with golden straps, that
classifies them as the royal or hierarchical gods. On the other hand, you have
the villain, who dresses in dark colored clothing. Also, the villain can appear
dressed in white with purple clothing which exemplifies the royalty of their
underworld. The gods meet each other on a day to day basis discussing the future
of someone other than themselves in their muggy saloon of Olympus. Olympus to
the gods is the pulse and heart beat of their world. At this saloon in Olympus
the usual takes place, the gambling of moral souls, while speculating the
beautiful female that they will posses that evening, and so on. Also, you have
the local disputes between the commonly known of the gods over disputes of
pride, or of land an possessions, which usually ends up in a speculative
fighting event of curses and destruction. Some analogies may be disputed as to
how and where they derived? I will try to place them as best as possible into
the spotlight of the western period. Before I begin I like to bring out a
formula that will disrupt my defense, which by the end I would like to modify
and re-state is as an "what if the gods lived in the western period with
their mythological power?" The Western formula, which tends to portray the
frontier as the "meeting point between civilization and savagery,"
because the clash of civilization ("law and order") with savagery,
whether represented by Indians or lawless outlaws, generates dramatic excitement
and striking antithesis without raising basic questions about society or about
life in general. In the perspective of moral and immoral beings that Ovid
presents in a mythological poetic voice translates well in an analytical western
perspective. The image that comes to mind when placing the immoral gods of

Olympus in a western setting is as difficult but humorous. First, is the gods,
that is where do you place them, and in what category? We need to distinguish
from the hero to the villain, while justifying the accurate setting for their
events. Second, we need to identify how we are going to place the gods the
western setting. Since they all appear to constantly meet and challenge each
other the proper placement would be a dirty saloon in a the famous city of

Olympus. This saloon will represent Olympus, where the travelers and locals will
converse, gamble with the lives of the mortals, and speculate the dancing show
girls of immortal goddess. However, in the immortal saloon of gods the education
and strategies of fighting will differ from that of the western formula. The
gods are no uneducated savages nor villains of low IQ. No, our gods are like top
level executives or politicians running our country to their best. The gods will
fight out their battle with superior levels of sophisticated planning. Through
their battles instead of the help of dragons, curses, swords, shield, and other
earth related objects that will assist them in battle, a six-piece shooter can
be supplemented. The doors of the saloon stand as a symbol, a gateway between
the immortal and mortal world. This door is the fuel of conflicts where the
furies and quarrels will meet on a daily basis. What would be the purpose of the
west or the gods if they lived one day without some form of destruction or
curse? Through the same doors the servants will bring them their daily
sacrifices and festive meals that fuel their next move. Mortals feared the gods
so therefore, sacrifices where necessary in pleasing the mighty and strong.

Sacrifices of animals kept the gods content, as like it did for the local real
estate tycoon, collecting royalties for being who he was, and the fear he
instilled into the ranchers souls of losing their possessions and dignity. It is
almost as if the mythology and western scenes portrayed themselves in a similar
fashion of settings, except with and upgrade. You could describe the difference
as in a traveler who needed a room, and two hotels where in the same vicinity
and at the same price. However, one was the Hilton and the other was a Motel

Six, they are both hotels, except one is of a finer upgraded class and quality
of service, which means that the level of living would be different. Jove
wouldn't be caught in a Motel Six, when