Inferno By Dante Alighiery

Throughout the years, people's views of sin have been changed. Today society
view of sin is different than what Dante envisioned about sin at his time.

During Dante's time, the worst sin that one can commit is rejecting the church.

However, in the book The Inferno, Dante sees that rejecting the church is one of
the least important sins. Other sins that were perceived as unimportant during

Dante time are worse than rejection of the church in The Inferno. By doing so

Dante tries to show that the magnitude of the sin does not matter. The most
important thing he wants to point out is that people need to learn from their
mistake and distinguish between good and evil. Therefore, after a long journey
through hell Dante learned to avoid evil and become spiritually enlightened. By
becoming spiritually enlightened and avoiding evil, Dante proceeds much closer
to the salvation of God. In The Inferno, Dante loses all sense of direction,
reason, and he wander away from the True Way and enters the Dark Wood of Error.

He tries to find his way out of the Dark Wood of Error, but his attempts are
unsuccessful. As soon as he tries to get out of this sinful place, he is
confronted by all kind of beasts. They try to hold him back and attack him.

However, after being force back into the Dark Wood of Error Dante see the shade
of Virgil, who represents light, direction and reason. Virgil promises to lead
him away from error. Dante is thankful for the guidance of Virgil, "For you
are my true master and first author, the sole make from whom I drew the breath
of that sweet style whose measures have brought me honor"(30). One of the
things that Dante notices about hell is that most of the people are sent to hell
not because they committed a sin against God, but because they committed a sin
against themselves. The sin that interests Dante on his journey is the wood of
the suicide, the hoarders, and the gluttons. These people committed a self
-destructive act against themselves. The glutton, made no attempt to use their

God given ability, all they cared for is food, drink, and excessively consumed
goods. The more they consumed the worsen their punishment in hell. They produced
nothing for their society. As a result, they will forever lie in the garbage
they produced and act as a slave for Cerberus. From this particular circle of
hell, Dante perceived the pain that these people go through, "I see new
torments and new souls in pain about me everywhere. Wherever I turn away from
grief I turn to grief"(65). When Dante spoke to Ciacco, a member of this
circle of hell, he again expressed this feeling, "Ciacco, your agony weighs
on my heart and calls my soul to tears"(67). Besides feeling pitiful, Dante
has also learned a very important lesson from this circle of hell. In life one
must use all the talent that god has given to him or her and use it for his or
her own advantage. When Dante reaches the fourth circle of hell, his feeling
toward the hoarders and the wasters remains the same. In life the hoarders and
the wasters lack the ability to control their expenses. By not controlling their
expenses, they forget every thing about the moral values God has given them, all
they think about is their money. Therefore in death, their own dead weights
serve to moderate them. With this weight they punish each other. From this
circle Dante learns that money and processions in life will not buy him eternal
happiness. As Virgil has said to him, "Not all the gold that is or ever was
under the sky could buy for one of these exhausted souls the fraction of a
pause"(74). Running after fortune and living under the control of money
results in the destruction of man's soul. As Dante enters the wood of the
suicides all he hears is the cries and the sounds of sorrow. The souls of this

Circle destroyed their own bodies and denied human form. They can only express
themselves through their own agony. In addition, they are only allowed to speak
through their own blood because they chose to take away their life. Taking one
life is not only limits the enjoyment of this beautiful world created by God,
but it a crime against one own soul. Through this experience, Dante sees that he
does not have any control over his life. It God that have