John Hallock

There were many problems that caused the French revaluation.for example having bad leadership. Also having unequal taxies

One reason that lead to the French revelation is weak leader ship. The reason why there was weak leadership was because they wouldn't hear the problems of the 3 estate reasons is that the king would only listing to the first and second estate and all they wanted to do is charge taxes. This is where they also abused the power of the king and he allowed it to happen and the leadership began to only listen to what he wanted to hear. And the leader ship began to fall each day the 3 estate was there because you wanted to start a rebellion ageist the king.

Also a other reason is that they would have a unequal tax system. This meant that the nobles got less taxes then the pesetas or farm workers. This could be a problem because the churches take a percentage of the taxes and use it to buy new holy books and etc. The king would be the wealthiest one in the kingdom because he took most of the taxes and doesn't pay taxes and can get anything that he wants. The taxes in this state were completely unfair for the people in this society