Life Description Essay
Divide your life into 3-5 major periods. As I look back upon my past, it gets
scary because I can actually divide my life into parts. If I look at it on the
bright side, I am a more mature person. On the other hand, if I look at it
negatively, I am getting closer to my 'grave'. But the truth is that I am better
off looking at my life at the brighter side. I have considered myself fortunate
than most people. I have been to many parts of the world, seen many cultures,
and have done things only a child can dream of doing. If I were to divide my
life into major periods, I would look at it when I was a child, a teenager and
my life now. The first part of my life would have to be when I was a child. I
used to think that my parents, especially my dad, were "Gods".

Everything he said or did was right. I would get into arguments with my friend
to as whose dads were the best. This is where I look at my life and noticed that
during that time, I was dependent on my parents. Everything that I did that time
was revolving around my parents. But as time passes by, I became much wiser. The
thought of my parents being right is wrong. Yep! The second part of my life has
begun. I was in the teenage years. Being rebellious, I was against everything
that my parents said. Instead of them being like "Gods" to me, I was
"God". Everything I did was right and the whole world is under me. My
parents were always against me in everything that I did. I remember that I would
never go out with my parents to dinner or to the shopping mall. The reason was
because of embarrassment. I was afraid to be seen with my parents. I had the
feeling that the world was against me. I guess that it is normal for a teenager
to feel that way. Then, as I left home to further my studies, another chapter of
my life began. Being away from home in a foreign land made me realized that I am
no longer a teenager. I am an adult now. Slowly, my views of my parents started
to change. How could I have been so rebellious towards them? I have only started
to appreciate what they did for me. Why has it taken so long for me to realize
that? I guess the feeling to respecting your parents is something you obtain as
you get older. My life has been a colorful one. The feeling of being a
"Zero" to a "Hero" is something I laugh at sometimes. Right
now, I am in the middle of my life where the time for me to take care of myself
and to earn my money. It is approaching fast. At the end of it, what I am today
and will be is because of the giving I got when I was a child.