Literary Analysis
Love is the strongest physical force in this universe.It is said that love is so powerful, that it is capable of overcoming any obstacle. Can one's love be so strong that it outweighs the pain you experience when losing a loved one? In the poem "Annabel Le e" by Edgar Allen Poe, use of many literary devices such as; repetition, diction, and figurative language to develop the theme to his poem.
Poe's use of repetition is a very important device to the poem "Annabel Lee". Frequently Poe repeats the line "My beautiful Annabel Lee" throughout the poem. He uses this technique to stress the importance of how much he cares about her. The amount of love he expresses for Annabel, shows how Poe was basically infatuated with her. The repetition of reading her name mul tiple times throughout the poem, even used as the title, adds emphasis making Annabel the main focus. Repetition creates the emotional connection become real between Poe and Annabel Lee.
Diction is another important device used throughout his poem. This d evice allows him to display his affection towards Annabel. By using the words "beautiful" and "darling", indicates how he truly feels about her. Poe uses the possessive term "my" when he is talking about Annabel: "my ANNABEL LEE". He does this because he possessive of her and that her love only belongs to him. Later on in the poem: "my darling- my darling- my life and my Bride" continues to show that he is still possessive over her love, even when she has passed away.
The final important literary device f ound in the poem "Annabel Lee" is figurative language. Poe writes: "That the wind came out of the cloud by night, chilling, and killing my Annabel Lee". He uses personification to describe how it was the wind who killed the love of his life. It is easy to picture this in your mind by giving the wind a human quality, instead of just coming out and saying Annabel froze to death. Edgar Allan Poe, creates a heartbreaking tragedy more personal to the readers by doing this. Another way Poe uses figurative langua ge is when compares the angels in heaven to his love and happiness towards Annabel Lee: "The angels, not half so happy in heaven, went envying her and me". By doing this Poe expresses to his readers that the love he has for Annabel is stronger than any oth er person could have towards someone, even stronger than the holy figure of an angel.
After analyzing this poem, does love really fade away when a couple is separated by death? In this case "Annabel Lee" Edgar Allen Poe, answers this question through the use of three literary devices effectively in his poem. Poe conveys the message to his readers that love doesn't die even if your significant other has.