Living Single
Often credited as being the original "Friends", Living Single premiered on
the Fox television network in 1993. The insanely funny sit-com is guaranteed to
keep you in stitches. Each cast member has their own unique style, but when
combined create a dynamic combination of explosive humor. Living Single is all
about the ups-and-downs of four single African American women, and two men. The
old saying that, "laughter is the best medicine", is indeed true. The
setting is a brownstone apartment building, occupied by three women Kadijah,

Sinclair, and Ragine. Kadijah James, played by Queen Latifah is a hard working
entrepreneur that owns "Flavor Magazine". Kadijah is constantly searching
for romance, but deep down will always love her ex-boyfriend Scooter. Scooter
lives in California. Sinclair James, played by Kim Coles, is Kadijahís
slightly naive cousin. Sinclair is a secretary employed by Flavor Magazine, and
is also an inspiring actress. Sinclair is very passionate about her troll dolls,
and there are many of them on her desk at work. Regine Hunter (Kim Fields

Freeman) another roommate, is extremely fashion conscious. She can frequently be
seen wearing different wigs, and faux jewelry. Regine is a costume designer,
whose main purpose in life is to marry a wealthy man and live a life of leisure,
but somehow always ends up with Mr. Wrong. Maxine Shaw (Erika Alexander) is an
attorney that lives across the street, she is constantly at the brownstone
apartment building aggravating Regine, and her occasional lover Kyle. Kyle

Barker (T.C. Carter) a stockbroker, is Kadijahís upstairs neighbor. Kyle has a
love/hate relationship with Maxine. Their insults, aimed at each other, are a
regular part of the show. Overton Waikfield Jones (John Henton) works as a
resident handyman in the apartment building, and is Kyleís roommate.

Overtonís trade mark is his trusty tool belt. Overton and Sinclair are in love
they make the perfect couple, because of their similar personalities. Living

Single ended its run on television with Maxine getting artificially inseminated
by an unknown donor, that turned out to be Kyle- Overton and Sinclair were
married- Regine finally landed herself a rich husband and Kadijah moved to

California to be near her boyfriend Scooter. Living Single should be commended
for its marvelous portrayal of dating in the 90ís.