Love In 20th Century

Love in 20th century is entirely different from when Marie De France lived. In
her time, she wrote a sweet story of two women who love the same man, Eliduc. He
leaves his wife, Guildeluec to go fight in another country even though she is
devastated by his decision. During his excursion he ends up with a younger woman
named Guilliadun. The two fall madly in love. Ultimately, Guildeluec detects the
affair and behaves with not a shread of jealousy or desire for revenge. The way
she tells the story is surprisingly peaceful considering Eliduc lies to both
women. However, my version of Eliduc, is written in 2000 mode. The society has
metamorphosed into a chaotic blend of moral dysfunction. Many are unwilling to
mend broken relationships. Instead, they choose to lie, cheat and deceive those
who have been faithful and true to them. The repercussions of these betrayals
are far more nauseating than Guildeluecís reaction to Eliducís affair.

Beware, if you loved Marieís version this might be too intense for some
readers. First, the names of the characters are a bit more modern than the
monograms Marie used. Now, Eliduc is called Eli, Guildeluec is Gail and

Guilliadun is Jill. Here is how the story goes in 2000. Eli and Gail were
together all through high school. They eventually got married because their love
had grown into a bond of true friendship and love. The two-shared happiness but

Eli would focus the majority of his time on his career. Gail accepted Eliís
ambition and never really gave him trouble about it. She had enough to do
between work and home. Besides, Eli was a good policeman. He always took pride
in his work and the chief always favored him. He treated him special. One day

Eli came home from work exasperated because some of the other guys on the force
were jealous of Eli. He told Gail "they told the chief I sell and use
drugs!" "I canít believe this, now the chief wants me gone."

Gail said, "oh sweetheart, we can work this out. Things will be fine. We
have enough money with my salary at the hospital to last us until the chief
comes around. I could even ask some of the other nurses if I can pick up another
shift" Eli answered, "I am going away for a while. I got a job offer
in the South. Gail shrieks, "what do you mean? You know I canít leave
this hospital because of my contract. Youíre just going to take off on
me?" He says, "I love my work and if that bastard does not appreciate
my services; Iím going elsewhere. Iím sorry because I know this will be hard
on us but I promise I will be true to you, Gail. I love you." "I guess
there is nothing I can say to change your mind", she says. "Iíll be
here when youíre ready to come home. I love you too." Gail sobbed as she
walked away, not because Eli was abandoning her but the feeling in her stomach
felt inexplicable. For some reason she sensed a disastrous situation coming.

Gail yearned for the ache to go away, but it lingered for weeks. Eli arrived in
the South and the new chief had not recalled talking to him about the job.

Aggravated, Eli told him "I will go to another city and fight their drug
war if you donít want me." The chief welcomed Eli because the city had an
immense drug problem. Suddenly, the alarm sounded in the station! There was an
emergency; a riot had broken out in a dangerous section of the city. There was a
shortage of officers on duty. Eli jumped in a cruiser and sped off to find the
violators. At the scene, blood was everywhere. People were screaming and crying.

The protestors were spewing vulgarities at the policemen. Eli witnessed two
officers go down, and many of the other cops hesitated to break up the chaos.

Eli took action and planned a route to raid the rioters. It worked. Eli attacked
the leader; scrambled, fought, and clubbed the drug dealer until he was under

Eliís control. Since Eli apprehended one of the biggest drug dealers in the
city, everyone on the force praised him. Actually, the chief was so happy he
wanted to celebrate that night by having a party. There were numerous people at
the party. Eli met what felt like a million people, but only one face stuck out
in his mind. Her