Love Or Money
People inevitably encounter many problematic situations in their lifetime. Some
problems may be more serious than others, but the fact remains that it is
alsways their choice as to how they will react and whether or not they will"sink or swim." A survivor is aperson who, depite whatever hardships they
encounter, will face their problems head on and will not back down. They always
do whatever humanly possible overcome these obstaclsand supersede eveyone’s
excpectations and sometimes even their own. Such people share common
characteristics ; steadfest courage, the ability to adapt and adjust and a
perservering attitude. Through Jim and Masdeline Dubois the central characters
in Dust Over the City, the author presents such a case as shown through their
many ordeals and their reactions to them. This is evident in their encounter
with other and Alains patients, their battle with loneliness and the decision to
move to the mining town, adjusting to the new city and accepting the fact with
little provisions this is where they must live now. In Andre Langevins novel

Dust Over the City the characters Alain and Madeline are the embodiment of two
people that are newly wed and the problems that each other face may or may not
be normal. Alain and Madeline were a very unhappy married couple and there were
many things underlying their true feeling about each other. This is proved when

Madeline meets someone. Alain is confronted with this great big beast of a man
who works in a bare and owns the restaurant. The only thing Alain could do to
survive the marriage and win Madelines live back was to fight back despite the
unequal balance and size of strength and the poor odds of winning. When the
author writes "The man was the size of a great black bear against this liitle
man." This proves Alain love for Madeline was unconditional and leading to
great advances. Through this incident we can readily see that this man was truly
brave. He stood up, remained calm and the ultimately defeated this enormous man
where he could have easily chose to give up and he would of most likely been
slaughtered. It was his bravery that allowed him to survive. Also this married
couple was being torn apart by the wife Madeline. She had moved with Alain to
this new city and Alain a succesful doctor, may not have the greatest looks or a
muscular body but he loves Madeline more than anything in the world. She plays
the unmarried role in front of the city when Alain’s not around. The author
states "She was dancing throughout the night with every guy at every table,
like a single drunk woman would do, not knowing she was married." (183) Alain
felt that all he could do was love her and treat her the best anyone can treat
someone else that they love. He shows his loyalness to her and gives her the
world and then some. Alain was a man who’s marriage was falling apart because
of his wife who now showed him and proved to him that she was in it for the
money and not for the love. Madeline who showed no care towards the man she had
walked down the aisle with and moved to this city where neither of them wanted
to live but thought that they could live on love. These adventures were also
able to adjust abd adapt to adverse conditions and situations. When Alain and

Madeline had took a trip to the woods one weekend they were presented with very
dreary circumstances. Madeline had badly bruised her leg, their plane was
destroyed and had lost a good portion of their food supply. This is clearly
proven by the quotes, "Let’s see your leg...I bet it hurts, but it isn’t
broken. Only bruised. You will be able to run in a week at least." (196)

Further , "no fire no food – these were blows to strong to bear," (199)
but fortunately " there was enough equipment here for any real woodsman to
make a living for weeks." (201) Despite these setbacks they were able to live
off the land, catching fish and squirrels for food proving the Dr. Alain Dubois
was more than a doctor. They finally had started a fire with a magnifying glass
and the fire problem had been beaten. These two people were very innovative a
saving their marriage by working together. Creativeness with the equipment that
had been found they had and in dealing with their numerous adversities. They