Luck On Love

She moved into the house across the street when I was fifteen. She was fourteen.

I was dumb struck. I had never seen a girl like Lilly before, and probably never
will again. I had to have her. I fell in love from the first moment I saw her.

My father returned from work at his usual time of 5:30 in the afternoon.I ran
out to tell him we had new neighbors. He told me he already knew that. He said
he had met Mr. Smith on Saturday when I was camping out. He asked if I had met
the daughter yet. I told him I hadn't met her. I had just seen her from across
the street. Dad smiled a knowing smile. You know how fathers can be. He didn't
tell me till later that he had invited the Smith family over for a cook out that
night. Thank God. I would have gotten so nervous thinking about what to say to
her. They came over about 7:30 that night. We all met them at the door. Mr.

Smith was a small guy, kinda thin with a funny little mustache. Mrs. Smith was
different. I guess she looked pretty good for her age. There was something odd,
different about Mrs. Smith that hit me strange. I couldn't put my finger on what
it was. Jennifer, that's what her name was, standing behind her mother looking
bored. They told her to say hi to me, and that is about all she did. She acted
very indifferent toward me. Oh, Well. At least I can watch her all night. My
mother suggested I take Jenny out to the pool for a swim before dinner. Damn
mom, you're all right after all! I ran up to my room to change into my trunks.

Jenny went out and waited by the pool. I came running out to the deck and she
was standing there waiting on me. She had worn her suit under her summer dress
she had on. I stood there looking as she slowly raised the dress up over her
head. She was wearing a bright white, very small bikini. I had to leave right
away. I told her I forgot something up in my room. You know how it is, she had
an instant affect on me. I had to get out of there before she noticed. It's a
good thing there was some ice left in the glass I was drinking tea from earlier,
that did the trick. When I returned to the pool she was already in, thank god,
so I couldn't see her. When she asked what I had forgotten, I didn't know what
she meant for a second, then just told her, "Oh, nothing." She just
gave me a knowing smile. We swam for a while. I tried to show off doing flips
from the diving board. Jenny wasn't very impressed. My mother called us in the
house. The barbecue would be ready soon. Jenny and I ate by the pool. I swear I
couldn't think of anything to say to her. I tried to tell her about our school.

I offered to walk her there in the morning and take her to the office to get
registered. She shrugged what I assumed was an OK. I was happy for small
victories. After dinner we sat around with the parents and listen to them tell
boring stories of their careers, the town, and the local gossip. Mom told me it
was getting late. "Why don't you walk Jenny home so she can get ready for
bed. It will be a rough day tomorrow, getting to know a new school. I thought,
mom if you only knew how much I really wanted to get Jenny ready for bed, you
wouldn't have said that. I took the hint though, I offered my arm to Jenny to
walk her home. She just giggled and started walking ahead. I caught up with her
and tried to come up with something cool to say. I wanted so badly for her to
like me. When we got to the door she turned toward me and stood there looking at
me. I hadn't realized what her eyes were like before. They were the clearest
blue I had ever seen. They reminded me of the morning sky just after the sun had
come up. They were deep, but so clear, and knowing. I couldn't think of a thing
to say to her. She