Magician’s Nephew
The play I decided to do my play synopsis was "The Magician’s Nephew". The
play was adapted from the Narnia Series written by C.S. Lewis. The play took
place in the Eighteen Eighties in London England, and other magical places. The
main characters of the play consist of, Digory, Polly, Aunt Letty, Uncle Andrew,

Aslan the Ruler of Narnia, and Queen Jadis. There are also other characters but
that are not as important. They come in toward the end of the story. These
characters are, Bear, rabbit, bird, Monkey, and other animals. These characters
are the follower’s of Aslan. In the first scene, takes place in Uncle

Andrew’s attic. He is a magician and the attic is where he does all of his
tricks. Digory is staying with his Aunt and Uncle because his mother is very
sick so they are taking care of her. Uncle Andrew had been working on these
magic rings that take you to another land. He was working on the rings when he
heard this noise. It was Digory and his friend from next doors Polly crawling
around in the passageways of the house. They end up in the attic with the Uncle
thinking it is an abandoned house next door. The uncle shows Digory and Polly
the rings he had made. Each ring took you to a different place. He tried the
time travel rings on Polly and she disappeared into another world. Digory got
scared and told the Uncle to bring her back. The only was he could bring her
back, was with a green ring, which she had forgotten. Digory had to go after

Polly to give her the ring and for them both to come back safely. In the second
scene, they end up in a land that was cold and had no sun. There was a figure on
the throne that looked to be frozen in time. Polly begged for them to go home
but Digory wanted to explore. He saw a bell that said "Adventure’s ring this
bell and you will have a adventure you will never forget". Digory rings the
bell and the queen that was frozen awoke. The queen, who was frozen named Queen

Jadis, told Digory and Polly that she once ruled the land but killed everyone
off. Polly tells the queen that Digory uncle is a great magician. The Queen once
to go back to there time at once so she can take over London and take over his
uncle’s powers. The children refuse and she goes after them. They touch the
green rings to go back but the Queen grabs on Polly’s hair just the time that
they disappear. The queen ends up going back to Digory and Polly’s time in

England. In scene three, Digory, Polly and the evil Queen Jadis end back up in

Digory uncle’s attic where his magic spells are. The Queen realizes she is in

London and starts planning to take it over. She starts yelling for her servants
to come and help her take a bath. She makes so much noise Digory Aunt Letty
comes upstairs to the attic to see what is going on. She sees the queen and the
children have to tell the story of how they disappeared to another world and she
ends up coming back with them. Aunt Letty tells her she needs to be quiet
because some one is seriously ill in the house, which is Digory’s mother. Aunt

Letty then tells Digory that someone had brought his mother a basket of grapes
but she wouldn’t eat them. She says the only fruit that will save her is the

"Fruit of Life." that is in another world. Digory wants to go to the other
world and find this fruit so his mom can live. Queen Jadis is still in the attic
yelling that she is going to take over London. Polly grabs a ring and Digory
grabs Queen Jadis and then grabs Polly’s hand and they disappear into another
land. In scene four, Digory, Polly, and Queen Jadis end up in the land of Narnia.

By accident they end up bringing along Uncle Andrew. Its ends up that Narnia is
a New World that has just begun. As they try to figure out where they are they
see a lion named Aslan walking towards them. The lion is speaking. As he speaks,
what he says appears out of no where. He would talk about birds, rabbits, and
other animals and they would appear out of no where. Queen