Melting Pot

Walking through the halls at school I sometimes think to my self; what is
technology? Technology to me feels like a ticking time bomb, just waiting to go
off at the right moment. How do we benefit from it? Are you sure were not slowly
killing our selves in a would be perfect, but not perfect society? Is the time
we spend to make our every day lives easier with technology. Not making our
every day lives shorter. I sit down at my computer to explore the wonders of the

Internet. Itís great to have all the power just by the click of a button. The
society of today has created this masterpiece of technology that you would think
is totally for your benefit. The Internet is a strictly toy and a work
companion, but is it? You would like to think youíre on top of the world.

Youíre just a drone clicking here, reading there, following instructions. You
begin to do what ever the computer tells you. This reminds me of the society in

Ray Bradburyís Fahrenheit 451. They all follow the rules. Almost none of them
try to think on their own. They are drones and it has ruined their lives in my
opinion. This scares me when I think about it because thatís the way the world
is heading. I bet 19 out of 20 people in this day and age own a computer, video
game, or a TV. I know I do. While you are sitting down indulging your self in
one of the many technological advances in our world, have you ever stopped to
think about reading a book? Maybe you have, maybe you havenít. If we stop
reading books could we turn out to be like the society in Fahrenheit 451. Do you
want to become a brain dead society? A group of people who let technology
control their life. I know I donít. Ever since the beginning of time people
have sought to communicate with written symbols. Now however technology is
beginning to take over and we are changing many years of tradition. After a long
hard day of school or work I like to sit down and watch TV, but when can this go
to far? How can you tell when you watch too much TV? Mildred a character in

Fahrenheit 451 couldnít. She watched something called the parlor, which is
very much like a TV. She began to watch it so much that she acted like her life
was based off it, but it wasnít. She began to get weird and in the end she
turned her husband into the authorities and left him. This proves how technology
is wrecking our lives. Right now we donít seem to care, but what about in 50
years. What happens if we all end up like Mildred. All of us become back
stabbers. This is just another look into the future on how technology is ruining
our lives. I know I watch a lot of TV and sometimes get carried away, but
nothing to that extent. What is a perfect society? Is the world one right now?

Why bother to change it? I see no point to letting technology take over the
world. We would probably end up like the society in Fahrenheit 451. Technology
has ruined their lives. Why canít the society of to day see these little
faults of the future and fix the problems now. Why wait till later when it might
be too late. In my opinion itís to late for the Fahrenheit 451 society. Why
should we ruin ours and end up like idiots. Do you want to be a technology