Memoirs Of Geisha

Plot: This exotic fable is about a young, innocent girl named Chiyo (9 years old
in 1929) who lives in a poor fishing village in Yoroido with her older sister

Satsu, her father and sick mother. Since Chiyo’s mother is going to die soon
and her father can’t do much to support their family, he sells his two
daughters into slavery to a renowned geisha house. Chiyo has unusual blue-gray
eyes, which later helps her capture peoples’ attention, especially men’s.

Unfortunately, her sister is taken to a different district and from this time
on, little Chiyo lives her life in agony because she has no family left and
she’s a maid serving a notorious geisha named Hatsumomo. Hatsumomo can also be
referred to as a witch because she does anything like spreading false rumors to
make Chiyo’s life miserable. One day while running an errand for the house
that she lives in, Chiyo falls down on a stone near a river and starts to cry
for she can no longer endure the pain and hardships she is going through at such
a young age. Luckily, the Chairman of a wealthy electric company comes across
her while he’s walking with his business associates. He takes notice of her
and goes up to see what is the matter with her. As he lifts her chin up and
looks into her eyes, he is marveled by the beauty her eyes posses. All he can do
is stare. He gives her a handkerchief and a few compliments and tells her not to
worry because everything will be fine. The Chairman then leaves but he never
leaves Chiyo’s thoughts or dreams. He is the only person who has been kind to
her all her life and for the past years, all she dreams about is meeting this
wonderful man again and getting to know him. To make a long story short, the

Chairman never forgets Chiyo and how beautiful she is, so he goes to a
well-known geisha by the name of Mameha and asks her to adopt Chiyo as her
younger sister so she can train her to become a geisha too. The Mother of the
house where Chiyo lives is a wicked woman and when Mameha comes to arrange Chiyo
to become her younger sister, Mother agrees but knows that Chiyo won’t ever
succeed. Hatsumomo tells people lies about Sayuri (her named changed from Chiyo
to Sayuri after she became an apprentice geisha) so she can ruin her career
because she is jealous. Mameha, on the other hand, is Hatsumomo’s enemy so she
introduces Sayuri to popular men so she can wins their hearts and attention.

This is the next time Sayuri meets the Chairman but now she’s all grown up;
she doesn’t know if he remembers her. The Chairman’s partner, Nobu likes

Sayuri and he wants to become her danna – having Sayuri as his mistress. Years
after years of struggling to be with Sayuri, he never succeeds. During this
whole time Sayuri is in love with the Chairman but he never seems to pay
attention to her. Finally, the Chairman and Sayuri tell each other how they feel
towards one another and he becomes her danna (sort of like a husband, but not
exactly). They travel to the United States on business trips and after a few
years, Sayuri moves to New York City from Gion, Japan to make her living as a
teahouse owner and an artist—geisha. 2) Ending: Sayuri is able to find her way
out from becoming the mistress of a few men who are interested in her. All her
life of living in misery comes to an end the day the Chairman comes to talk to
her and tells her how much he likes her and has liked her ever since he laid
eyes on her by the river when she was just a little girl. Sayuri tells him that
he is what she’s wanted all her life and they finally are able to be together.

They travel together and she settles in New York City and opens a teahouse where
men go there and engage in a conversation with geishas. The Chairman dies after

Sayuri moves to New York City but he lives on inside her heart. 3) a. Main
character: Of course, the main character in this book is Sayuri who is a mostly
believable heroine. Her ambitions were not always rational but this creates a
more imperfect and human character. Through her eyes, we see the decadent