Michael Jordan

In this paper , it will be proven that Michael Jordan is the best basketball
player that ever played the game . The Road to Greatness Michael Jeffrey Jordan
was born on February 17 , 1963. He was born in Brooklyn ,New York . He was the
fourth of five children , the most active but also laziest . "Michael was
probably the laziest kid I had" said his father ("100% JORDAN"
,.20). At the age of 5 he moved to Wilmington , North Carolina , where he spent
the rest of his scholastic career . As a teenager , he became very athletic.

Maybe the best learning experiences for young Michael were the backyard games
against his brother, Larry . On the court that his father built , Michael
suffered some of the worst beatings in basketball that he ever received . The
way Michael remembers , " It was like we were opponents . We never thought
of brotherhood at all . Sometimes it would end in fighting." (Krugel , 11).

When Michael speaks of Larry now , it is with all respect that an older brother
should receive . " Heís got the dunks and some 360ís and most all the
same stuff I got . And heís 5-foot-7 . Larry is my inspiration ."(11).

All the games against his brother gave him the better sense of competitiveness ,
persistence , and responsibility that he has today. He attended Laney High

School where he first started playing organized basketball . As a freshmen , he
started on Junior Varsity , where he averaged 25 points per game . He did not
make the Varsity team as a sophomore , even though he averaged 28 points per
game on Junior Varsity. When junior year came , he grew up to 6-foot-3 inches
and made people notice him . He made varsity that season and averaged 20 points
a game . That summer he attended the well known Five-Star Basketball Camp where
he started to attract the attention of college coaches . " His is one of
the strange , great stories" says Sonny Vaccaro ("100% JORDANí,
.22). "He was a nobody , he wasnít all that highly-touted"(22). By
the time his senior year began , he didnít have to worry , for he was already
being scouted by the North Carolina Tar-Heels . He had a strong senior season ,
averaging 23 points a game and helping Laney to 19 victories . But they lost in
the conference tournament to a New Hanover team that included future NBA player,

Kenny Gattison and future NFL defensive end, Clyde Simmons . Even though Patrick

Ewing was rated number one high school player, North Carolina still picked

Michael . "What set him apart from the rest was his burning desire for the
game" Gibbons, coach of North Carolina, said . "Iíve watched many,
many players that rise above the pack because of some special characteristic
that others donít have-the heart of a champion. If anybody has that , itís

Michael Jordan" (.22). Jordan took part in the McDonaldís All-star Game ,
and scored 30 points ; that made people realize how good he really was . The
next year he started to play at North Carolina . In North Carolina ,he played
for coach Smith , who is known for his great tactics in the game of basketball ,
and for his winning career . He became the eighth freshman player to start on a

Smith-coached team and proved to be a fine outside weapon, balancing the inside
play of veterans Sam Perkins and James Worthy . He really started to make heads
turn by showing up some of the best college players . Like Hakeem Olajuwan ,and

Patrick Ewing . His first day of practice , we noticed he was trying to do what
we said, even though maybe it wasnít natural from a defensive
standpoint," Smith said . " But within three or four days , he would
have it down pat . He has good savvy about the game , learning it.("100%

JORDAN", .24). Jordan finished third on the team in points (13.5) and
rebounds (4.4) in a fine freshman season , although he definitely deferred to

Worthy and Perkins . Against Georgetown in the í82 NCAA title game , he really
took over the court . With 31 seconds seconds to play and the Georgetown Hoyas
holding a 62-61 lead , Smith designed a play that would get the ball inside to

Perkins or Worthy . But as the huddle broke