Midnight In Garden Of Good

In the novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, John Berendt tries to
show the reader how Savannah has never changed. He looks at different people and
events and characterizes them specifically of Savannah, Georgia. In other words,
he believes that Savannah is a place of its own, where strange things can happen
right out in the open. An event such as a midnight voodoo session with the local
witch doctor Minerva, can take place in Savannah as just an everyday event. If
you were to tell that story to a non-Savannian , they would have a hard time
believing this random story. Berendt’s main purpose of writing this novel was
to illustrate and show the reader the exact way that life in Savannah really is,
crazy and zany. The way that Savannah is characterized, is one that can be
described forever. John Berendt’s character portray’s the life of a man that
is omniscient to the scene. Usually he is seen and not heard, but usually can
come up with an opinion of his own.