Moon Under Her Feet
The Moon Under Her Feet was a terrific book and I was very excited to have it
revealed to me. I have always loved reading the Bible and learning about the
times of Jesus. This book helped me to see if from a totally different point of
view. In our church a play is always put on at Easter showing Jesus resurrection
and Mari Magdalene was always a character they never told much about except that
she was one of the three who discovered the empty tomb. It was wonderful to be
able to see just how she fit into the story and what her relationship was with

Almah Mari, previously known to me as "The Virgin Mary". This book put into
perspective the goddess side and helped me to understand more about what was and
what came to be of Almah Mari and Mari Anath. One thing that stood out for me in

The Moon Under Her Feet was the traces that Almah Mari and Mari Anath
experienced. The first time I became aware of them was when Almah was preparing
for her marriage to Sharon. It was then that she discovered she was Isis and it
brought about many experiences that Isis went through during her life. Another
trance that had a huge effect on me was Mari’s trance when she felt herself
become Almah. It was while she was in that trance that she was aware of what
actually happened with Sharon’s death and the agony that Almah experienced on
their wedding night. The last trance that had an effect on me was when Mari made
her descent into the Netherworld to escape the marriage to Herod. Almah even
warned her of the possibilities of danger she may experience through this
trance. How horrible it must have been for all of the goddesses who were exposed
to having dreams and visions such as these. They truly seem to be most
frightening and terrible when one goes into a trance. Even though these seemed
to be terrible experiences for them the goddesses welcomed them and accepted
them as gifts from the Goddess herself. An experience that I had no trouble
relating to was when Mari was given to the Goddess. It was an image so clear
that came through for me and reminded me of when I went off to college. It was a
little different for me because I was older and it was my choice but a major
part was same because I was leaving my family to become a part of a whole new
family. It was August of 1995 and I was entering Michigan State University as a
freshman. My parents and two of my closest friends drove me down with all of my
belongings. It was a sad day for me. I was leaving the life I knew so well and
beginning a new one that I didn’t know at all. On that day I was introduced to
the girls who would be my roommates and soon two of my best friends. While
reading this chapter in The Moon Under Her Feet it seemed to me that while

Ninshubur would always know what Mari was thinking I could almost relate that to
my best friend Amy. Many times we noticed it was as though we could read each
other’s thoughts. We always seemed to know what the other one was thinking.

Although the major difference was that it only happened because we were together
so much. One thing that puzzled me in The Moon Under Her Feet was the many
references to Isis and Osiris. Throughout the entire book Almah referred to
herself as a reincarnation of Isis. When Almah was going through her initiation
period it was then that she had the vision that she was ‘Isis, Queen of All
the Worlds". Even though Almah discovered herself to be Isis it was later that

Yeshua was referred to as Osiris. I thought that Isis and Osiris were husband
and wife and but in The Moon Under Her Feet Almah and Yeshua were mother and
son. My only explanation would be that Almah is the reincarnation of Isis and

Yeshua is the reincarnation of Osiris. They don’t need to be married in this
life to be husband and wife because it was the past life that they had that
relationship. It’s very confusing for me to read one story with certain
characters and then another with the same. I have a tendency to apply the
characteristics of those characters to the