Murder At Inverness By Klugh
Murder at Inverness By Aaron Klugh Last night at Inverness, Macbeth’s castle,

King Duncan was stabbed to death. Macduff was the first who discovered Duncan
dead in his bedroom. Along with the King, the guards were also murdered. Macbeth
said he killed the guards in a fit of rage. As well as the guards, Macduff may
be one of the main suspects in the murder. Everyone in the castle was in bed,
except for Macduff. So far, Macduff had not said a word regarding the murder.

Sources believe that Duncan was killed out of jealousy. Malcom and Donalbain,
two relatives of the King, were interviewed. They remarked, "We are leaving

Scotland. Since we have royal blood in us, we may be the next to die." The

King’s murder is still being investigated. Hopefully more answers will be
answered soon.