Murder Commiting

The problem with committing murder is the high risk of being caught. When you
decide that murder is justified, the problem of how to do it and how to avoid
being found out are your first thoughts. Unfortunately, the police have become
very sophisticated in their investigating skills. Very few murderers get away
with it, until now that is. There are ways to fool the police and the coroner's
office. If more people knew how to blow up a car with Drano, or cause a massive
heart attack without any physical signs of foul play, there would be a lot more
unsolved or unexplained deaths in which many life insurance policies would be
paid without question. In my experience, the method of using Drano to blow up a
car is very effective, yet it is very difficult to pull off. The first thing you
must do is make sure your intended victim is nowhere in sight one hour before
the car is started. The second thing is that rubber gloves are imperative; you
do not want to leave fingerprints on a burnt - out car or on the Drano bottle.

Remember to dispose of the gloves at a very distant location, perhaps making use
of your local grocery store dumpsite. Once you have a full understanding of the
timing in which to commit the act and the correct disposal of the gloves, you
may continue with the steps in creating this destructive action. First you
remove the gas cap on the car, then remove the cap on the Drano bottle, and pour
the Drano into the gas tank. Then all you have to do is dispose of the Drano
bottle and wait. It is a good idea to leave the area as soon as possible, making
sure not to seem suspicious. When the intended victim engages the car engine,
the Drano will then make its way to the engine, and the Drano will be ignited.

This will, of course, cause a fire that will spread from the engine, to the cab
of the car, and then to the gas tank itself. Although in theory, this seems to
be a simple operation, I have found this method to be very difficult, because
you must find the right circumstances in which to successfully complete this
task. The most difficult part was getting my victim to be in the right places at
the right time. One of my favorite methods of committing a murder would have to
be the heart attack method. This technique is relatively easy and effective.

There are some preparations to consider before diving into this process. You
will have to find approximately 10cc of diabetic insulin. This may not be as
difficult as you may think. You may not be aware of just how many people are
insulin dependent, so try looking in your family and friend's medicine cabinets.

Once you acquire the insulin, you will need to find a syringe. If you do not
find a syringe with the insulin, you can buy a syringe at any drug store. Be
sure to pay with cash; never leave a paper trail that may lead authorities to
you. You will need to be very close to your victim; if it's your spouse you
would like to remove from your life, you will want to choose a time when he or
she is asleep or in a drunken stupor. Be sure to take mental notes of his or her
body. Try to find an area where there are large amounts of freckles; this will
be the place where you will make your injections. While your victim is asleep or
passed out, fill the syringe with all 10ccs of the insulin. Make sure there are
no air bubbles left in the syringe, for they will rush straight to the heart. A
coroner will be able to spot the bubbles immediately. Creep over to your victim
and find the freckle you chose in your preparation. Insert the syringe needle
into the freckle. Doing this will cause your victim to awaken quickly, so make
sure you have pulled the needle out fully. A broken needle will be spotted by a
coroner during the autopsy. Your victim will, without doubt, become very angry
and will possibly thrash about, causing items in the room to fall to the floor.

Do not worry about this because it is not uncommon for a heart attack victim to
cause damage while in the midst of an attack. The insulin will rush straight to
the heart and will cause your