During extreme times a person can survive. One could look at NIGHT by Elie

Wiesel. We can see many different people in the book fighting to survive. By
examining Elie and his father one can see details of people fighting to survive.

The book NIGHT shows that a person can survive extreme conditions. For example

Elie ran 42 miles in one night without stopping. This shows one can push
themselves just with the thought of living, even most athletes would have
trouble running this far. This also shows that something horrible could make
someone stronger. At another time in the book Elie watched his father being
beaten. This shows that even though a loved one is being hurt Elie still thinks
about survival, because he knows that if he intervened he would have been hurt
or even worse killed. This also shows that one can drop into a robot like state
to stop his emotions, because if he felt sad or cried he might have been harmed.

For example Elies father was a 50-year-old man and he survived for over 3 years
in the concentration camps. This shows that even an older person can fight to
survive now days being 50 and still doing things isnít that big a thing but
back then there had not been that many medical advancements. This also shows
that someone can push themselves beyond normal limits of human strength. At
another time Elies father was beaten and he didnít fight back. This shows that

Elies father was strong enough to be beaten but a metal bar was striking him and
a normal person wouldnít have been able to put up with that but since Elies
father was thinking about surviving so he was stronger. This also shows that
even though Elies father wanted to fight back (thereís no actual evidence of
this but who wouldnít want to fight back?) He didnít because he knew that he
would have been killed if he fought back so by thinking about survival he knew
he had to be beaten. During extreme times a person can push themselves to live.

In everyday life people take hundreds of things for granite but when Elie was
put into the concentration camps he had everything taken away from him. From the
book one can see how to treasure the simple things in life. The book night
showed many ways people survive Elie survived the concentration camps and
reading his story shows his hardships and Elies father even though he didnít
survive he still showed how a older man would fight to survive.