Norma Rea
Norma Rae was seen in many different ways by people. In the beginning Norma's
qualities were different than those at the end. Norma Rae changes and it is for
the better. One of Norma's bad qualities is that she is dependent on men. As for
seen with George. He treats he like a hoe and, gives her no respect. He is very
abusive towards her, like when they were in the hotel room and he slapped her
across the face. Her father treats her as a little girl. He is always in her
business, he is always wanting to know where she is going, when she is coming
home and who she is seeing. Norma has some good qualities; she is a very hard
worker. She works at a textile factory for many hours and then she goes home and
cleans and takes care of the house. She is also a very outspoken women. If she
doesn't like someone or something they say, she lets them know how she feels
about it. Her boss is a major jerk. He doesn't care about their health or
feelings. To give an example, when her and mother went to him because her mother
couldn't hear, he was not interested, and he just brushed them off. Norma is a
strong woman, but people just take advantage of her. Changes. Norma Rae
definitely went through many changes. Ruben I think was her first change. Ruben
was the young man from the union. I think she made her first change when he told
her "your too smart for what's happing to you." I believe this is when
she gave her self more respect. Ruben got her to also join the union. She than
starts getting relay involved in it and during all this she meets a man named
sonny. Sonny and her become very close and fall in love and end up marring. She
persuades her other co-workers to also join the union. One day her father dies.

This was a major change in Normas life. She loved her father dearly. If things
couldn't get better, she is fired from her job. Norma was outraged by this, and
caused a scene. She stood on a machine and held up a sign that read
"union." Following, where her co-workers, they all shut down their
machines and quite working. She was then put in jail for this. This was a total
embarrassment to her and her family. She was very angry at herself. She called

Ruben to come bail her out. The first thing she did when she got home was wake
up her kids. She knew there was going to be negative talk about her in the town.

She sat down with her children and told them who their real fathers where. She
did not want them to find out by people gossiping. One final change came. The
union won. They had did it, they won. Everyone was so happy they were finally
going to have good, decent working conditions. Norma's qualities have had such a
turn around. She is so much stronger. She is a very faithful woman; like she had
many opportunities to cheat on Sonny with Ruben, but she never did. She was very
confident, as she believed in Ruben and the union. She had so much determination
to get the union in the factory. She had tremendous courage to just put her
whole life on the line and go along with the union. I think this whole thing
made her such an independent woman; and made her such a better person. My
opinion of the movie was it was a great movie. It made me thank there is a
union, so I can have good, fair working conditions. This movie was very true,
and that is what really happened. I love Norma, I think she is such a strong
person. I know she made some bad choices, but everyone does. I think she is an
all around good person, and she helped change many lives. Norma Rae is a hard
working woman.