One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

In, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", the main character is Randle P

McMurphy. He sort of comes off as a New York tuff guy. In my opinion McMurphy is
a hustler, considering his gambling and how he's always trying to manipulate
other patients to his benefit. Chief Bromden is a six foot eight, half bread

Indian. For years, Chief, "as McMurphy calls him", has fooled the
staff and patients in the ward into thinking that he's deaf and dumb. Though it
was by accident, McMurphy is the first person that Chief has spoken to in years.

Throughout the book, Chief seems to open up to McMurphy more and more, inch by
inch. Big Nurse is a picky b**ch. On the outside, she's always smiling, but
inside she's full of hate. The biggest reason she despises McMurphy is because
he threatens her perfect little world. " She must be a Jap". Knowledge
#2 (5 points each) One important event is the vote held on the viewing of the

World Series. McMurphy had actually won the vote, but still wasn't able to view
the World Series because of a technicality brought to attention by Big Nurse.

McMurphy didn't get to watch the game, but in a sense still won, sense he had
influenced the patients to actually vote against Big Nurse. Another important
event is the fishing trip. Big Nurse strongly disapproved the trip, and she
showed it. She posted newspaper clippings of bad weather reports and tragedies
at sea, right next to the sign up sheet for the trip. Despite the fear that some
of the patients felt, they went right ahead and signed up. "Another victory
for McMurphy!" The beginning of the party is somewhat important. It's an
example of McMurphy's manipulating capabilities. Though Mr.Turkle knew he could
get fired, McMurphy was able to talk him into letting Candy Girl and Sandy into
the ward. Billy's tragic death is very important in understanding just what kind
of effect Big Nurse had on the patients psychologically. In reality, Billy
didn't do anything wrong, and shouldn't have been criticized by Big Nurse. But
in Big Nurse's perfect little world, it seemed to be forbidden and disgraceful.

Big Nurse threatened to tell Billy's mother, "who she was close friends
with", what he had done. Instead of suffering through that , which seemed
to be a living hell, Billy got out of it the only way he knew of. Billy grabbed
a tool out of a drawer and slit his own throat. He decided to take his own life,
in fear of what Big Nurse would do. One last event is McMurphy's death. Outraged
by the acts committed by McMurphy, Big Nurse decided to do surgery on him.

During McMurphy's absence from the ward, rumors went around that he had in fact
escaped. When McMurphy was finally returned to his bed, Chief was reassured of
his relationship with him. Chief Knew he wouldn't leave without him. As Chief
spoke to him, he noticed there was no response to anything he says. McMurphy was
a vegetable!! Rather than allowing McMurphy to suffer like that, Chief decided

McMurphy would still escape with him. Chief put a pillow over the head of

McMurphy's corpse and put all of his weight on top, until the vegetable stopped
struggling. Then, with all his strength, Chief lifted the control panel and
hurled it through the window screen, and made his escape. Comprehension #5 (10
points each) In , "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", the main problem
is Big Nurse's selfish, egotistical, narrow minded views. When McMurphy
threatened Big Nurse's traditional ways, she just couldn't take it. She would go
to just about any lengths to stop this radical. Comprehension #6 (10 points
each) If the story had one last chapter, I predict it would just describe
everything going back to how it was before McMurphy entered the scene. Without

McMurphy there, encouraging the patients to think for themselves, Big Nurse
would become a despot, once again. As time goes on, the memory of McMurphy would
eventually fade away, completely. The only person who would remember him is

Chief, who has taken residence in Canada. Comprehension #7 (10 points each) The
main character, McMurphy, didn't exactly admire Big Nurse. Besides being a b**ch,
she was a monarch. Everything was done when and where Big Nurse said it was to
be done. McMurphy wasn't use to having everything done a certain way,
continuously. Big Nurse didn't even allow McMurphy do something as simple as