Paradise Lost By Milton

Written during the 17th century, John Milton\'s "Paradise Lost"
describes the fall of man in a poetic lyric. His book closely details the
character God, Satan, and how Adam and Eve came do their downfall. God\'s first
human creation, Adam, was given all luscious gifts of paradise, including free
will. The Tree Of Knowledge was Adam and Eve\'s only forbiddance. Once they ate
of the tree, their pureness would vanish. Eve was Adams partner, soul mate, and
wife. Made from a rib of Adam, Eve was of him, part of him and belonged to him.

She knew no other knowledge other than what was taught and told through Adam. On
the day she was created, Fragile and susceptible, Eve awoke with beauty and from
that day forth, back in her mind lay vainness. Satan knew the fall of man would
only be possible through Eve. Through a dream, Eve recalls the forbidden Tree Of

Knowledge. She eats of it, as told to do so by Satan. Once eaten she is told
that she will become a God and rise to the Heavens, more powerful than on earth.

Adams free will is seemed to be influential by his surroundings. Satan told Eve
that the Tree would make her a God. Adam learns of this deceit and inquires more
knowledge from the sociable spirit Raphael, who God sends to warn Adam. Adam is
torn by two forces which effect his free will. Eve, vain and susceptible still
questions Adams actions and beliefs. She knows nothing more, and is inquisitive
of the character Satan. A vain creature indeed, She is easily mislead. The dream
she encounters frightends Adam, for what creature of God could have such
misleading thoughts as to believe she would be a God herself if her appitite
favors the Tree Of Knowledge. Questions and ideas must form in Adams mind.

Curiousity killed the cat, and that expressed is best used here Adam is also
warned My Raphael, who is sent dowm from the Heavens by God.