Paul Bunyan

Paul was a great tall man who loved to eat pancakes. In fact he was so tall that
when his was little his parents had to leave him in the forest because they were
getting complaints from the neighbors. But Paul wasnít alone when he got older
and was walking along the mountains and saw to big horns sticking out of the
blue snow. He pulled them up and found a big baby ox who was blue like the snow
they were having. Once Paul looked into his eyes they became the best of
friends. He decided to call to call the ox Babe. Paul and Babe were basically
inseparable. Once they got into a wrestling match. Paul threw Babe one and Paul
whipped Babe back. When they were all done the created a mountain range we know
today called the Grand Tetons. Also one day Paul and Babe had to walk a long way
threw Minnesota in the snow. There foot prints were so big that when the snow
melted it formed a thousand lakes. But Paul an Babeís biggest adventure was
when him and Paul had to clear out the Dakotas so that people could live on the
land. Well they were doing this Babe had pulled roads and rivers straight so
that they could carry the logs where they could go. Babe was a very strong ox as
you have just read and he was getting stronger and taller by the minutes. The
men said that if you look at Babe for 5 minutes you could actually see him grow.

The men also said that if u measured between his eyes it would turn out to be
some where between 42 axe handles. It took Paul, babe, a million or so men to
clear the Dakotas but with the help with Sallyís pancakes they finished in
about a year. After that last tree was cut Paul was so happy that he went up to
the mountins and carved president Roosevelt and three other past presidentís
faces in them. Later on Paul was asked to see who could cut the most trees down
in a certain amount of time. It was him and Babe against a man with something
called a chainsaw. Paul cut his heart out to try to win. But when they
measurements came in the man with the chain saw had won. Paul was so sad that
him and Babe just walked right in to the woods where they still are today, but
they arenít chopping trees.Oh no, they have noticed there are becoming less
and less trees in the world today so they are trying to plant more trees.