Picture this: a warm, sunny, November day in Dallas, Texas. Everyone in the town is excited because the president was making a stop there and a parade was to be held. The streets were packed as the limousine, carrying President Kennedy, his wife, Jackie, the governor, and his wife, passed by slowly. While the president waved to the crowd, everything seemed to be well and good. Now picture the same scene, a few minutes later: the crowd is in hysteria, no one knows what is going on, but the president has been shot. Nobody knew who did it, or why anyone would, since Kennedy was so well liked among the American public. To this day, the mystery of JFK\'s death is still unsolved, but the theories are still out there. I believe that Kennedy was shot from behind, and that the government played a part in the assassination. This theory can be supported in many ways.

First of all, by looking at photographs and videos of the shooting, it is easily seen that after Kennedy was shot, his head was thrown in a backwards direction. The law of physics which states that every action is matched with an equal and opposite reaction proves that, for this to happen he had to of been shot from the rear. Also, after examining the two wounds in the back of JFK\'s head and neck, it was proven, through the autopsy, that they were entrance wounds, meaning that he had to have been shot from behind.

While this is a common theory among the American public, the thought that the government was involved, is a not such common theory. There are many reasons why I happen to believe that the government played a part in Kennedy\'s assassination. For one, why would Kennedy be in an open convertible that was going at a very slow speed? Should he not have been in a concealed limousine, shielded by bullet-proof glass? Also, when the autopsy was performed, I would think to have the best, most experienced doctors assigned to examine Kennedy\'s body, instead, a newer, inexperienced doctor was given the case. Lastly, I do not understand why it has been so long, and the murderer still has not been found. The United States is supposed to be the most advanced country, economically and technologically, in the world, and we can not find out who killed one of our most beloved presidents? This just does not seem right.

Overall, JFK was a very well liked man among the American public. Around the time of his murder, no one could understand why somebody would kill him. People, today, still do not understand why, and the mystery is still yet to be solved. Many theories out there, one of which has to be true. I believe that the government played a part in his assassination, however, the public may never know.