Plan B Emergency Contraceptive Speech
Decision making comes early; so why should one ignore what comes natural to them? (Pearson)(Antithesis) Once a person makes the decision to involve themselves in sexual intercource, they should have the avaliability to obtain emergency contraceptive at any given day or time. I think it would be unfair to make Plan B One-Step a prescription drug, instead of over the counter.(simile) I feel they should keep Plan B a over the counter medication, so it's easily accessible to women at all times. There are many reasons why Plan B should stay over the counter, which will be discussed in my following speech. (shake hands with the audience)
To start off, the most important reason I feel Plan B should stay a over the counter medication is because of timing. For those of you who don't know what Plan B is, its an emergency contraceptive that prevents pregnancy. Some may use it because they aren't ready to have a child. Some may use it because they're too young. Some may use it because they aren't financially ready.(anaphora)(parallelism)It's only effective up to 120 hours or 5 days after having unprotected sex, so the sooner a woman takes it, the better chance she has of not becoming pregnant. That is a narrow window of time in which to schedule and make a doctor's visit. Studies have shown that quick and easy access to Plan B will prevent up to 1.5 million unwanted pregnancies and 600,000 abortions a year in the United States. Everyone whether pro-life or pro choice can agree that this is a positive outcome.
Aside from timeliness being very important when it comes to Plan B, another major reason it should stay an over the counter drug is to make it more accessible to adolescents. Lets face it, Plan B was designed for people who aren't perfect, and make mistakes. We find most of these mishaps happen in those who are still in there teenage years. In fact, about 750,000 women in the United States ages fifteen to nineteen become pregnant, and about a third of these pregnancies end in abortion. The costs of carrying a pregnancy to term for teenage girls, instead of just preventing it to begin with by simply taking the Plan B pill, as a result are more likely to drop out of school and live in poverty. Now some may argue that Plan B's easy accessibility could support teenagers in having unprotected sex, which could lead into a increase in STDs, since the pill does not protect against that. With those ideas in mind, The FDA passed a law stating that you must be 17 years or older to purchase the emergency contraceptive. In addition to the age requirement, Plan B typically costs anywhere between $40 to $50 at your local pharmacy. This can be looked at as a significant amount for the average high schooler, so once they use it the first time, they are more likely to be more cautious the next time, so that they don't have to buy it again. Rather, since teenagers aren' t always likely to have a "plan B" when it comes to having sex, why not help them when they make the mistake?
Furthermore, the final reason I feel Plan B should stay over the counter, is because of the new generation. In society we see more single parenti ng and lack of supervision. Most children are raised without the same quality of morals, then what people had in past generations. Parents are less likely to have "the talk" with their children now and days. Since parents choose not to have these conversat ions with their kids, it causes them to have a lack of education on the topic of sex, resulting in them not knowing the consequences. By having Plan B here for the people who need it, we will hopefully see a change in future generations. Breaking the cycle of having unhealthy relationships, less single parenting, and more families that are ready to be families, are all the true reasons why Plan B was created.
Ulitimitly nobody should engage in sexual intercource if their not ready for the possible consequences. Just incase of