PlatiNUM Medical Products

Brief Review of PlatiNUMís Medical Products and the Additional Funding
Chief Investment Officer Westwood Ventures Irvine, California Prepared by Andrew

S. McAlister, CEO, Co-Founder Jason J. Smith, Senior Vice President, Co-Founder

December 6, 1999 TO: Mr. Greg Krel, Chief Investment Officer FROM: Andrew S. ,

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder Jason J. , Senior Vice President, Co-Founder

DATE: December 6, 1999 SUBJECT: Report on purpose of additional funding required
for future development of PlatiNUM Medical, Inc. This is the report on the
latest cardiovascular medical device that you requested on November 17, 1999.

This report discusses in explicit detail how we came to develop such an
effective device. The research and study methods, which were used, will be
introduced. We met with Doctors and patients in order to get accurate details
from both parties. These surveys were conducted in both the United States and in
several European Nations. As you can see, we have studied all angles, and have
developed a product superior to our competitors. Our device, the "PlatiNUM

Device" offers the best in medical technology. PlatiNUMís development
involved taking the best of other procedures and rolling it into one
multipurpose device. While eliminating the bad possibilities, which could occur
with other methods. Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal and
allowing PlatiNUM the chance to further benefit the world with safer, more
effective medical technology. On behalf of PlatiNUM Medical, Inc. and all of our
staff we are confident that this report will convince you to make the right
choice, and help put an end to the suffering of the millions of people with
heart disease. SUMMARY PlatiNUM Medical, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is located
in Irvine, California, centrally located in one of the leading medical device
development areas in the country. Our company is the leader in the development
of a new type of medical device for treating cardiovascular disease, also known
as heart disease. Despite on going efforts to combat this disease, no other
promising instruments have been introduced. The need still remains for a device
that can easily and safely remove dangerous tissues found in the arteries and
other problems associated with the heart. Through the past four years PlatiNUM
has conducted research in the U.S. as well as Europe. Surveys and interviews
were held with leading cardiovascular physicians to determine the best features
for the device. When this process was completed, we then took the next step,
which involved patient surveys and gathered input on what they thought was
needed. Although our research and data collecting will never end, the past four
years has given us the specifications, which must be met in the product that we
developed. Our research has led to the following: (1) A device, which eliminates
all possible complications, associated with heart disease today. (2) Something
that would not be as dangerous and risky as By-pass surgery. (3) A device which
is simple to use and requires no additional training. (4) Finally, a device
which is affordable, and efficient. PlatiNUM has developed a device that meets
and exceeds all of these strict standards. The PlatiNUM device with our patented

"Omni Cutter" does the trick. Hopefully, in the near future the citizens of
the world who suffer from heart disease will be fortunate to have this device
available. Physician Comments about the PlatiNUM device: "Best device ever for
treating Heart Disease" Thomas Ischeinger, MD "Best device ever for Failed

Bypass" David Cox, MD "Incredibly easy to set up and use...... adoption will

DISEASE AND COMPLICATIONS Introduction Heart problems are a way of life for many

Americans throughout the nation. Whether it is heredity, our diets, or some
other cause. Heart disease and related problems kill 10 million Americans
annually with numbers on the rise. With these skyrocketing numbers, it shows
that something needs to be done about this horrible condition. Fatality rates
due to heart disease need to come down, and the millions of Americans who suffer
from these problems deserve to lead happier, healthier lives. The methods used
today are drastically failing and do not have promising success rates. Highly
respected medical physicians such as Dr. Thomas Ischeinger, Dr. David Cox, and

Dr. Gregg Stone will tell you the same. This is why PlatiNUM felt the need to
develop a new, safer device. A device that will drastically bring down the
fatality rates involved with heart disease. Purpose for the Research: The
purpose for our research was to develop a device, which rose above the standards
of all the others. One