Richard Adams Writings
Richard Adams was born in Newbury, England in May of 1920. He was the youngest
of three children, a sister, Katherine, and a brother, John. (Richard had had
another brother but he died at the age of three from influenza.) Richard was his
father\'s favorite. George Adams (his dad), spent most of his time with young

Richard teaching him about all the nature in the area. Richard grew up a few
miles from the town of Newbury on a three acre piece of land with a house named
"Oakdene." Richard\'s father was a doctor at the local hospital in

Newbury and his mother, Lilian Rose Adams, was a nurse. Richard spent most of
his childhood at home and out wandering around Newbury, enjoying its beauty. At
about the age of 10, he was sent to the Horace Hill boarding school. After a few
years, he was sent to another prep school, Bradfield, and at the age of 18,
received a history scholarship to Oxford University. At the age of 21 he was
enlisted in the British Army. Adams has produced a variety of different
writings. Along with his numerous novels: Watership Down, Shardik, The Plague

Dogs, The Girl in a Swing, Maia, and Traveller, Adams has also written books of
short stories: The Iron Wolf and Other Stories, and The Unbroken Web. As well,
he has done picture books in verse: The Tyger Voyage, and The Ship\'s Cat, and
books on nature: Nature Through the Seasons, Nature Day and Night, and A Nature

Diary. Adams\' first novel, Watership Down, is about a group of rabbits who leave
their home because of disaster, and go out in search of a new home. On the way,
they encounter two other groups of rabbits. One group lives life with a constant
knowledge that they are just food for the neighboring farmer, neglecting their
own culture. The other group lives so as to never be found by man and to protect
itself from predators. When, at last, a new home is found, the rabbits have to
undertake a journey in order to find some females so that their colony will grow
and prosper. Throughout the novel, Adams puts in various ideas and themes that
are meant to make the reader think twice about their relationships with nature
and themselves. This novel sets up the themes of freedom and survival, which are
also found in two of his other novels, and the theme of the stupidity and
cruelty of man to the earth and her creatures. The Plague Dogs, Adams\' third
novel, is about two dogs who escape from an animal research station and try to
fend for themselves in the hills of England. Rowf, a large, black, strong
mongrel who has a mean temper and who has a deathly fear of water due to the
experiments performed on him. Snitter, a fox terrier who has fits and has the
power to see the future because of the brain surgery performed on him in the
research station. Together, they meet up with a tod (fox). The tod helps them
survive while reporters follow the dogs and spread dangerous rumors of the
plague, getting politics involved. The themes in this novel are similar to the
ones in Watership Down: survival, freedom, and human cruelty, but added to this
list is the theme of rights. In this case, the right of animals, but, in some of
his other works the theme extends to those people who are less fortunate and are
in awful situations. The Girl in a Swing, his fourth novel, talks about a young
man, Alan Desland, who has devoted his life to the business of fine ceramics and
who is completely swept off his feet by a young German woman, Käthe. They get
married, in Florida, after a very short courtship and return to England, where

Alan returns to his business and Käthe holds spellbound his friends, family,
and even him, with her beauty and charm. Inside Käthe, though, is a secret
which Alan finds out about too late. The main theme in this novel is completely
different from his other novels. Adams concentrates mostly on guilt - A guilt
that Käthe held inside her and eventually caused her destruction. He also
explains how guilt affects those around the guilty. Adams\' fifth novel, Maia, is
a story about a young, beautiful girl who is thrown into slavery by her jealous
mother. She makes friends with an exotic girl, Occula, who is sent on a mission
from the gods to avenge her father\'s death by murdering the queen. Maia